5 Reasons Constantine Should Get a Second Season

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Many of you have likely heard that NBC canceled the order for the back half of the first season of Constantine. What that means is the first season will end after 13 episodes rather than the standard for the major networks which typically runs into the 20s. However, NBC has not canceled the show outright, and the star, Matt Ryan, has expressed optimism about getting a second season in a recent interview.

One thing to keep in mind regarding this series is that its fall premiere was delayed until October, so NBC had to make decisions regarding production with less information than for other new shows. They are closely watching the ratings for the remaining episodes and the good news is that they are rising!

So far, eight episodes have aired. The remaining episodes will air after the New Year. I have watched Constantine from the beginning and think that this show deserves a second season. Based on the comments I have read from other fans, I think it is safe to say I am not alone!

Finally Found its Legs

John and Papa Midnite - Constantine

Every new show takes time to establish its rhythm and pacing. This is true even with shows that are very popular or historical favorites. In fact, some of the shows we know and love almost did not make it past the first season, i.e., M*A*S*H, Seinfeld and Friends! It used to be that a program was given a fair chance to survive, but the current thinking seems to be that if the ratings are not high during the first three episodes, then the show is canceled. My personal opinion on that is – the networks are nuts!

Yes, I do understand that TV is a business, and certainly the monetary pressures are very important, but I also think there seems to be an expectation of instant results which leads to promising shows being canceled before they have time to hit their stride.

Gritty and Different

Constantine - Season 1

TV shows about creatures that go bump in the night are popular right now. Just look at Supernatural on the CW which is in its 10th season! Then there are Sleepy Hollow on Fox, Dominion on Syfy and Grimm on NBC, to name a few. Constantine fits in well with these shows but is also different enough to have its own unique spot.

The titular character, John Constantine, is an occultist, expert with spells and incantations. He also is experienced with demons and other dark creatures that exist in our nightmares. There is a rising tide of evil coming – we don’t know a lot about it and neither does John, but you can be sure it spells trouble for all!

Interesting Characters

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While I think the show runners may have made a misstep by changing direction after the pilot and introducing a new female lead in the second episode, the change was not enough to destroy the show. I do know that some fans of the comic books were put off by the change, and possibly some viewers were confused about what happened to Liv, but the character Zed is interesting in her own right. She is sassy and independent, which can tend to get her into trouble, but then that leads to drama. Don’t forget that people in horror movies, and by extension on horror shows, make bad decisions. If they did not, the shows would end early with less drama!

As I said above, John is an anti-hero, with quite a history. He was responsible for condemning a young girl’s soul to hell and spent time in a mental hospital after that. His struggles with that guilt and the fact that his own soul is also condemned to hell when he dies make for good drama and character development.

Chas, John’s sidekick, is apparently immortal; or at least very hard to kill! We have seen him die at least twice so far and yet he comes back. I am looking forward to some exposition on that!

Then we have Manny, an angel. He and John have a caustic relationship, but Manny does help guide him occasionally. The problem is that most times Manny must stand by and not interfere, which can lead John and his friends hanging in the wind and dealing with forces they do not understand. Manny does have a vested interest in helping fight the rising tide of evil, however!

Exciting Stories

John - Constantine

I will state up front that I have not read the comic books, but just as with The Walking Dead and any of the Marvel movies and TV shows, that lack of knowledge is not interfering with my enjoyment of the program. I have loved the episodes so far and think the plots are exciting and fun, and only getting better as the show progresses! I really want to find out more about the rising tide of evil and see how our heroes fight it.

Good Fit with Grimm

Grimm - Season 4

Constantine airs right after Grimm, and personally I think these two shows are a good fit for a viewing block. Yes, Grimm has a slightly lighter air, but they both deal with unexplainable occurrences – or at least unexplainable using normal, light of day reasoning!


What do you think of Constantine? Have you been watching it? Are you hoping for a second season? Sound off in the comments section below!