Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Gold Soundz”

Covert Affairs - Season 5

Well “Gold Soundz” sure worked as a series finale. And if that ends up being the case, then I would be perfectly happy. Annie and Auggie not romantically together, McQuaid alive, Joan heading up a new task force, Arthur contemplating a Senate run, and the Belenko situation resolved: all good things.

That being said, if there is a Season 6, here is what I’d like to see the show tackle: (1) the fallout of not killing Belenko. Again, Covert Affairs is not The Bridge or Homeland, but keeping Belenko alive makes for ripe material in how the CIA deals with its enemies. Belenko is a terrorist, but a terrorist who happens to have a working knowledge of the Russian government and its dirty laundry. It makes him an asset. Not only that, it gives him a kind of leverage. He has something the U.S. wants which could allow him to haggle for what he wants in return. Belenko’s survival could also add tension to Annie and Auggie’s relationship. It would not surprise me to see Auggie pissed at the whole situation. He turned in his resignation so he’s not a government man anymore. Belenko tortured and tried to kill Auggie and Natasha and killed the majority of the men in his unit. And now Annie seems to have an uneasy alliance with Belenko. She let him live. The enemy of my enemy is my friend indeed.

This brings me to (2) Annie’s connection with the CIA. She can’t quit them. Honestly, if Annie felt no responsibility towards the agency, she would have let Belenko die. McQuaid made complete sense when he said to hand the Georgian over to the Russians. Belenko was slowing them down and could have led to their deaths. Annie joined the CIA because of Ben, but it’s her life now. And even if she goes dark for a few months or works with McQuaid instead for a bit, she can never stay away for long. What this will do with her relationship to Ryan, I don’t know. But I think they can go back to working for different companies and still keep it going. Maybe that will include marriage someday; maybe not.

Speaking of our resident married couple, I would definitely want more on (3) Arthur’s Senate run and Joan’s past. C’mon, what happened to Joan in the Balkans?! Hilda from Ugly Betty showed Arthur what his file looked like, but you know that Balkan incident could create trouble. Like Arthur said, a political campaign involves intense scrutiny. And for the dozenth time, I don’t think Joan’s past would keep popping up if the writers didn’t plan to focus on it at some point.

That’s a lot to work with if Season 6 is given a go by USA, and it’s not even including Auggie’s personal situation with Natasha and Calder’s with Stephanie. Should the network close the door on Covert Affairs though, I could say my expectations were mostly met.

More Thoughts As I Ask Someone to Marry Me During an Intense Circumstance

– The major issue I had with this episode was Allan Langer’s demise. It came off too easy and anticlimactic as if the writers went “oh shoot, we’re at the end now and he needs to die especially since Belenko will live.”

– Annie and McQuaid, I love you both, but every time you took your eyes off Belenko during a conversation, I wanted to scream. Just no.

– I thought for a moment that Joan was going to get Calder’s job. He’s been so out of sorts lately that it would have not surprised me at all.

– “Got it.” I personally took this as Annie going back to the CIA to join Joan’s task force and staying with McQuaid for the long haul.