The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “All or Nothing”

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 11 Hooping It Up 09

The Amazing Race finished off their 25th season tonight with “All or Nothing”, as the teams make their way to Los Angeles and all try to win a million bucks! After last season had a completely underwhelming season finale, I was really hoping that this season would right the ship and deliver a better final episode.

We certainly got off to a frustrating start, when The Scientists find out that they are supposed to keep racing they traipse off to the airport to brag about it to the rest of the teams. Not only are they still in and we have a final four for the first time ever, but they don’t even have a Speed Bump or any kind of penalty for coming in last. When Brooke was understandably upset about them sticking around, they get in her face about it and ask why she’s so angry. Then they tell her not to get mad at them about it. Um, who is she supposed to be angry with? They would be just as angry as her if they were in her shoes.

So everybody makes it to LA on the same plane, and they all make their way to FilmLA to get permits to go to the Road Block. The Road Block here was more of a fun challenge that was made to be more visually interesting than it was challenging or scary. For a second they were making it look like Maya might wimp out of making her jump, but everybody jumped out just fine and made it to the clue.

While the other three teams were making it to the Road Block and completing it, The Wrestlers got lost on the treacherous Los Angeles freeways and were totally out of it from the word go. While I was just as annoyed as Brooke was about The Scientists still being in the game, the fact that they were still there really didn’t affect their game too much. Even if they weren’t there, they would still be way in third place. This is the last leg, guys, so it isn’t like you could just stick around for next week and catch up then! Unfortunately, The Wrestlers were eliminated before they were even allowed to try the Road Block. It was a bit of an anti-climactic way for them to go, though. It would have been way cooler if Phil jumped out of the window and told them they were eliminated! Preferably in mid-air!

The Coast Guard challenge was also a bit of a filler challenge, as well. Again, it looked pretty, and it was nice to give a nod to the underappreciated US Coast Guard, but it didn’t seem to challenge anybody even for a second.

The only challenging part of the episode was the final Road Block, which was really tough! Not only did you had to search a giant ship yard, but you had to memorize these numbers and remember which cities you visited and in which order! After not having any challenge like this in the last season, I was glad that we had a really tough challenge to cap off this season. I was a bit surprised that only one person was able to attempt it, though. Usually these final challenges, where you have to remember everything that came before, allow for both members of the team to attempt it. I would have preferred the whole team attempt the challenge, instead of having their winning or losing falling on the shoulders of one half of the team.

Amy was able to complete the challenge first, and their team made a bee-line straight for the finish line. While I was glad that she had to finish a really tough challenge first, (and with a bum leg, no less!) it really wasn’t very suspenseful of an ending. They seemed to leave with a pretty clear lead over the other two teams, and at no point did all of the “maybe they’re getting lost” stuff fool me. A small part of me is a little annoyed that the fourth team to finish the last leg ended up winning. By all previous season’s standards, they would have been eliminated. Even if they weren’t, they should have had some sort of penalty for coming in last. However, as Maya told Brooke, those are the rules they decided on. You can’t blame them for racing hard and now they’re the winners of the 25th season of The Amazing Race! Congratulations, Amy and Maya!

Random Thoughts:

– Look, I hate to be that guy, but they aren’t really going all the way around the world if they started in New York City, went eastward around the world, and then ended in Los Angeles. You still have to go across the US!

– I was bummed that The Wrestlers got eliminated so unceremoniously, but something tells me they would not have done well at that final Road Block!

– A large part of my work is dealing with FilmLA, so it was pretty cool to see them name-dropped here!