‘The 100’ (Season 2): What They’ve Done to Survive

The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Spacewalker 02

Since the 100 juveniles from The Ark in the new TV show The 100 landed on the post-apocalyptic Earth in a pseudo suicide-mission to see if the planet was habitable for the rest of the human race who have been living aboard the pieced-together spaceship for the past 97 years, they have been doing everything they need to in order to survive.

Whether it is battling amongst themselves, dealing with the weird elements on Earth, including deadly fog and two-headed deer, the deadly Grounders and the cannibalistic Reapers, the 100 have changed from the relatively naïve (at least about living outside of the Ark) teenagers they were in space into the battle-weary, hardened warriors they now are on land.

As their numbers decreased in their ever precarious race to survive, and now with the arrival of the remnants of the survivors of The Ark’s crash onto the planet, these kids are dealing with a tenuous situation with the Grounders and the ever approaching dilemma with the Mountain Men.

The fall finale of ‘The 100’ that aired on Wednesday night seemingly brought to a close the current life-or-death issue between the inhabitants of the make-shift Camp Jaha and the Grounders with the [SPOILER ALERT!! if you didn’t watch the episode yet!] leader of the teens, Clarke Griffin (series lead Eliza Taylor), taking the life of Finn Collins (series regular Thomas McDonell) because the Grounders wanted him dead for the massacre he committed against one of their villages.

As seen in the clip for the return of the show next month, the members of Camp Jaha and the Grounders will attempt an obvious uneasy accord, with the goal of launching an attack against the Mountain Men at Mount Weather; but in true style of this show, anything could happen and the allegiance between the two factions is not going to be simple or without more bloodshed.

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‘The 100’ will be back with more episodes from its second season on The CW, starting on Wednesday, January 21 at 9/8c.