Ascension Night Three Review

Ascension - Season 1

The verdict is in: Ascension needs a full season order. Leaving us with that kind of cliffhanger would just be cruel. In the concluding night of the 3-part event, we found out who killed Lorelei, learned more about Viondra’s allegiances, and got a hell of a twist with Christa’s powers. There is no way you could’ve watched that ending and not said, “Then what happens?”

Several of the issues I had with the show were solved, thankfully. I was initially worried about the lack of actual space in a space opera, but thanks to Christa zapping Gault to an alien planet, that problem was solved. I don’t think anyone could’ve seen that one coming. Enzmann says that the entire Ascension crew is actually going to space, does that mean that Christa is going to be able to transport the entire ship to the other planet? I don’t think Enzmann’s man on the inside will appreciate that.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was Viondra coming into her own. She gets appointed interim captain of the ship and uses the opportunity to show off her leadership skills. Given all that she’s been through, including the humiliation of the Lorelei video and Jackie’s maneuvering, it was fantastic to have Viondra come out on top. Councilman Rose was humiliated not once, but twice. Jackie faces a future in the lower decks after betraying Captain Denniger. The crew seems to respect Viondra and backs her against Councilman Rose. It’s Viondra for the win. I can’t say that I’m loving her husband as much. Captain Denniger is sleezy. He also doesn’t have quite the swagger that he needs to pull off the lothario persona.

Outside on Earth, I was worried that we’d seen the last of Enzmann. Then his luck changed. When he followed Katherine onto the bridge, I yelled out loud, “Push her off!” When he did, it showed that Enzmann is not a man to be crossed. This moment was almost, but not quite, as spectacular as Krueger taking a bullet to the head. That was sweet! It renewed my faith in the power of the conspiracy and took care of one super annoying character. I don’t think they need to be too worried that Stokes is a loose end. With his looks and demeanor, any ranting about a space ship would just be looked at as the ramblings of a crazy man.

We could’ve used a bit more information on Lorelei’s death. I have a feeling, though, that it has something to do with the fire and the video from the archives. There’s definitely room to expand that story more. It was interesting that Christa wasn’t the only person who saw Lorelei; Gault did, too. Does that mean that Gault has powers like Christa or does it mean that ghost Lorelei is some kind of legitimate spirit?

I loved that the satellite feed that sneaks onto the ship is video of ALF. Here’s the only thing I ask if Ascension does move forward to a full season… please, please, please recast the Christa character. If she’s going to be integral, the current actor needs to go. If they don’t, they risk her becoming like Henry on Once Upon a Time—irritating and unbearable. Other than that, I am fully on board with Ascension returning.