The 100 Season 2 Review “Spacewalker”

The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Spacewalker 02

What’s been so great about The 100 in its short run so far is that the show has proven on multiple occasions that it’s not afraid to show horrible things happen to and at the hands of its characters. As a result, it’s earned enough respect to have an episode like “Spacewalker” built around the potential death of a main character hold some serious dramatic tension; it’s entirely possible that the show will take that character away.

And sure, when you have Lincoln telling Clarke and Abigail that Finn would suffer the death of eighteen people at the hands of the Grounders, it’s hard to believe he’s going to go out exactly like that. However, when you look back at the shocking, brutal deaths of characters like Wells and Anya, it’s not unreasonable to think he might not make it through the hour.

Ultimately, Finn has been an interesting character this season, if only for the radical direction the show has taken him in. While I was fine with him in the first season, I understand why a lot of people found him to be one of the dullest characters, especially as people like Bellamy and Octavia went through interesting character arcs. That said, if they were going to take him this route, it feels like they never took it far enough, with Finn snapping back to sanity too quickly after what he did in the village. Of course, if he’d just outright lost his mind, it might’ve been an easier decision to sacrifice him to the Grounders.

The flashback material was strong this week, putting a focus not only on the self-sacrificing person Finn was on the Ark, but also on his relationship with Raven. It helped to further flesh out a character that’s come a long way in terms of relatability since the end of last season. And, given that she’s the actual spacewalker, it makes sense that this episode is as much about her as it is Finn. We learned that not only had he taken the wrap for her on the spacewalk, but that it was ultimately a waste since she was accepted into the program anyway.

It put these two characters into the proper perspective in the present. Finn is the sort to take the blame when he feels that others’ suffering would be his fault. Raven, meanwhile, is the sort to make every desperate play to get what she wants, whether it be illegally spacewalking or attempting to pass Murphy off as Finn. This isn’t to say she’s a bad person, just one that’s self-centered and has a lot of drive.

In the end, though, it comes down to Clarke’s decision, and… wow, this show doesn’t let anyone off the hook, does it? Rather than trying a last desperate attempt to save him, Clarke puts the knife in Finn herself, sparing him from the suffering he would’ve endured at the hands of the Grounders. It was a gut-wrenching moment, one that brought a truce between the two factions that’s no doubt going to be a fragile one. The Grounders and Sky People may now be together, but it’ll be a while, if ever, before they’re united.

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