Survivor Season 29 Review “This Is My Time”

Survivor Blood vs Water Season 29 Finale 2014 This Is My Time 03

Another season, another cool mid-December night, and here we are at the twenty ninth season finale of Survivor. I still definitely miss the Sunday night finales, as I used to be able to get my family to come out on a weekend for a finale party, but I guess I better get used to it. This show may not be the ratings powerhouse it used to be for CBS, but I’m still going to enjoy it as much as possible!

“This Is My Time” got the show started with a little intro by Mr. Probst in Los Angeles, and then we launched right into a lengthy recap of the season. We were a solid seven minutes into the episode before we finally got to the post-Tribal scene, and we see Jaclyn go off on Natalie. I was actually on Jaclyn’s side here. She was talking about Jon’s real life loyalty, when Natalie apparently misunderstood her and thought she was talking about his in-game loyalty. It seemed odd that even when Natalie realizes that she misunderstood Jaclyn, she still wanted to get in her face about it. Natalie was probably true in saying that making Jaclyn blow up made her look bad, but it just came off as petty and cruel. How would she like it if somebody came in after Nadiya was voted out and she was all weepy, and someone started insulting her sister?

The reward challenge was a pretty standard challenge that Missy wasn’t able to compete in, and that Keith won with little competition. His win did not get him a food related reward, though, but rather an opportunity to practice the immunity challenge. This was a really cool idea, and it’s something that they used to do on Survivor a lot more often. In the first few seasons they would send both tribes material to practice the challenges with, but they barely do it anymore and I think it adds an extra layer to the challenges. If Keith decided to barely practice, and then he loses, then it’s all on him.

Well, apparently he did practice enough, as he blew everybody out of the water and secured all three balls before anybody else even got one. What an awesome challenge, too! I would so love to be able to give it a try myself! These precision challenges are always so much fun to watch, and the cameramen have a really fun time with the extreme closeups and seeing those balls wiggle on the edge of the sticks in HD. They’re a lot of fun, but maybe Keith’s advantage was a little too big. It seemed like nobody else even got close! How long would this challenge have taken if Keith didn’t practice?!

Basically all of the strategizing in the first hour came down to Natalie being a swing vote and deciding if she wants to go with Missy/Baylor or Jaclyn/Keith. She seems to be in a bit of a lose-lose situation here. If she goes with Missy/Baylor, then she’ll show her loyalty to the jury and she can try to plead her case at the final Tribal. On the other hand, voting out the ladies and going with Jaclyn/Keith could be smart too. It’s a huge argument for the jury to show that you were the only ones to get you and your loved one to the end, and Missy was able to courageously stay in the game through her injury. In the end she decided to stab her long-time alliance members in the back and went with Jaclyn in an epic immunity idol switcheroo. I’m not sure why she ended up taking out Baylor, though. Missy has been smarter and stronger player than her daughter, and she has that impressive injury that she’s bravely overcome, so you’d think Natalie would want her out. I guess not.

The second hour began with a very big and very windy immunity challenge. The final immunity challenges are usually one of the biggest challenges of the whole season, and this was one was no different. It was almost too big and complex that I was having a hard time keeping up! Thankfully Missy was sitting out yet again, so we only had to keep up with three players. Jaclyn amazingly came from behind to win it, and almost got injured too badly at the end that she couldn’t finish!

The pre-Tribal scenes basically revolved around Natalie, Keith, and Missy all making their cases to Jaclyn to keep them for the final three. I’m a bit surprised that she ended up booting Keith, though. Keith may be well liked, but I highly doubt that he’d have anybody vote for him aside from Wes. The guy barely knew the game, and he really only stuck around this long because he won a few challenges and other people were being blindsided around him. It definitely would have been wiser to keep him around instead of Missy or Natalie.

Unfortunately they skipped out on the “walk down memory lane” sequence where they picked up the eliminated contestants’ torches, so we went straight to the final tribal. Most of the jury were just as you’d expect. Jon was there to make Jaclyn look good, and Baylor was there to make Missy look good, but I was a bit surprised by Keith. He said there was no hard feelings when he got voted out, but then he got all in Natalie’s face for lying to him. Three people voted for you, dude! The meanest person on the jury was definitely Reed, who went off on Missy for being the “Wicked stepmother” of the game.

That wasn’t the only weird Reed-centric event, though. When everybody went to cast their votes for the million dollar winner, we saw Reed right down Jaclyn’s name! I would have expected they would show three people vote for each player once (Jon for Jaclyn, Jeremy for Natalie, and Baylor for Missy), but we saw two votes for Jaclyn! It was pretty clear that once they chose to show us both of Jaclyn’s votes that she would not be the one to win.

Nope, Natalie was the winner of season 29! I’m a little surprised that this happened, but overall I think she really deserved it! What did you think of the episode, and the season in general?

Random Thoughts:

– I wish that’s what my breakfast looked like every morning, Jeff!

– I wonder if that Make-A-Wish kid feels guilty that his challenge is the one to mess up Missy’s leg?

– Man, Wes looks like he’s gained some weight back over on the jury! I don’t know if you watch Ponderosa, but the dude gained ten pounds on his first night back! Apparently he hasn’t slowed down too much!

– Alec’s reaction face is still one of my favorite parts of the season.