NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Humbug”

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11 Humbug 03

Last week I mentioned my delight at having an NCIS: LA episode that didn’t revolve around “some missing piece of technology” plot. “Humbug” went that route (stolen malware, needs to be found, yada yada), but made up for it in every way possible by having three big developments happen on the relationship front of our characters.

Let’s break it down. First off, Joelle is now privy to Callen’s actual job as an agent for NCIS. And while it’s almost an unbelievable coincidence that she would be the person used as a hostage and hiding place by our antagonist, Billy Rex, it still worked. It was also obvious that come the end of the episode, she would know Callen was not who he said he was. The question then became would she stay with him once she found out. For now, the answer seems to be yes. I don’t know if it will ultimately last, but the pairing works at the moment. We don’t need to see Joelle all the time, yet the idea of Callen in a relationship is always an interesting one. Joelle will just have to settle with the fact that her boyfriend doesn’t know his first name (at least he’s got an initial though!).

Even bigger, Eric is visiting Nell’s family as her boyfriend. Yes, that word has officially been dropped. Out of the three couples that were explored in “Humbug” this is the one I see lasting the longest. Nell and Eric have less baggage that Callen, Kensi, and Deeks, and have always been more open to acknowledging their feelings about one another. Honestly, him visiting her family is a next logical step. And kudos to Barrett Foa in his reactions when Nell mentioned visiting her family and calling him her boyfriend.

Finally, we have the big kahuna, Kensi and Deeks. The way the episode was going at first I actually thought Miss Blye was going to break things off. She seemed unsure while talking to Deeks in the car during the stakeout at Joelle’s house. Later, when she mentioned how the two of them could be bold alone but not together, I felt she was going to say they needed to go their separate ways. Thankfully, she didn’t! One thing that always bothered me about NCIS was the Tony and Ziva relationship. Tony and Kate had a chemistry, but I never felt like a relationship was being forced upon the audience. With Tony and Ziva, that push was there but never amounted to anything. Yes, putting partners together can be bad news for a show (see Moonlighting). But it can also work out (see Castle or Chuck). A relationship brings a whole new set of hurdles to overcome, and more often than not I feel television writers are afraid to explore that thinking the “will they or won’t they” is more interesting. Kensi and Deeks have a chemistry and rapport off the charts. In situations like that, use it! In this circumstance, I can’t wait to see what NCIS: LA throws at them.

More Thoughts As I Ice Skate in 70 Degree Weather

– Granger is out of the hospital finally. I am really loving his back and forths with Hetty these days. These two need to have an episode where they take down someone in the field.

– Always great to see Aunjanue Ellis as Michelle. And she is killing it lately on television right now. Check out her on Sleepy Hollow as Abbie’s mama.

– Speaking of Sam’s family: I love seeing them and am super excited to see his son in the mix.

– Deeks and Kensi talking about the Christmas bonus is the type of banter I like between them. The conversation wasn’t interspersed with the plot of the week and just felt genuine. Not to mention hilarious.

– Sam mentioning that the power grid would take out heat but wouldn’t affect them due to being in LA. Way to rub it in!!

– Favorite quote: Mr. Weber having Hetty stare him down “You’re freaking me out. Sitting so close.” Edna Mode may only be 4’9″ but she’ll cut you.