Homeland Season 4 Review “Krieg Nicht Lieb”

Homeland Season 4 Episode 11 Krieg Nicht Lieb 04

On the penultimate episode of “Homeland,” the clock was ticking and the time was nigh for Quinn to make his move or die trying- or get taken out of Pakistan against his will, for that matter, if Carrie could find him first. Entitled “Krieg Nicht Lieb,” which seems to be a spin on the German translation for the old 60’s slogan: “Make Love, Not War,” only that translation is actually “Liebe, Nicht Krieg,” so that leads me to believe that what they were actually going for was: “Make War, Not Love,” or something to that effect. Given the circumstances, the latter certainly makes more sense, as love is the last thing Quinn is looking to wage, least of all insofar as Haqqani is concerned.

Although making love did come into play somewhat, as did German, as we saw Quinn’s old bed buddy, a fellow Embassy agent whose name I didn’t catch, provide him with a temporary hiding place- and a no doubt much-need shower- while he was figuring out his next move. He also had her use her connections to research the phones he’d gotten a hold of from Haqqani’s men, which in turn led him to the most likely place he was hiding out. Cut to: Max preparing a bomb, no doubt with Haqqani’s name on it.

Meanwhile, Carrie, who stayed behind to try and bring Quinn back in, strong-armed Max into giving her a lead on Quinn’s whereabouts, though not without another reminder of Fara’s sacrifice (RIP) and how Carrie should have appreciated her more. In all my upset over losing Fara (and, by extension, actress Nazanin Boniadi), I forgot to mention the ace job that Maury Sterling has done as of late as Max, who has really stepped it up recently. Maybe that stint on “Extant” did him some good after all. (Glad someone got something good out of that show, lol.)

Naturally, Quinn’s German connect wasn’t very forthcoming, but Carrie being Carrie, she came back and had someone search her car while she kept the fraulein occupied. Gotta love her, that Carrie. Realizing that Quinn was fashioning a bomb, Carrie immediately goes into overdrive, looking for anything that might lead her in the right direction. She gets it when it’s discovered that someone has leaked the footage of Aayan being shot by his own uncle, Haqqani, onto the internet, setting off an immediate protest. Realizing that it’s an attempt to cause a distraction so that he can plant the bomb, Carrie rushes to the site where the protestors are gathered, outside Haqqani’s current safe-house.

Against all odds, Carrie does manage to get Quinn to back off, in fear that he would never make it out of there alive- or at the very least, would end up captured by ISI or the like. Remarkably, Quinn backs down- but probably only because Carrie was too close to the bomb location. However, once Haqqani comes out and rises up out of his car like a celebrated politician, instead of the terrorist he is, Carrie loses her cool and decides to go after him herself, pulling out a gun and planning to shoot him until Khan stops her, pointing out who else is in the car: none other than Saul’s pal Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham). What the what?

I have no idea why this could be, especially given Dar’s general demeanor as of late, which was much more supportive of Saul than potentially untrustworthy, but this is “Homeland” we’re talking about, so who knows? If Carrie can pretend to be off the rails to get herself committed on purpose as part of some long-con plan she and Saul have come up with, who’s to say Dar might not be one of the bad guys after all? Lord knows I’ve been skeptical of him in the past, but it seemed like he was firmly on Team Saul as of late- guess not. Then again, who knows why he’s really in that car. It could be any number of reasons. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the big finale next week to find out.

Definitely some good moments here and there throughout the episode, albeit a bit of a comedown from the last few weeks. In addition to the cleverness of Quinn’s plan (nice touch having the bomb being inside of a pole used to hold up a protest sign with Aayan’s photo on it), and Max steeping up; there was also the return of Kiran, who got a bit of closure and finally found out the truth about Aayan; Quinn’s cold-blooded and efficient escape from Carrie’s armed forces, who he took down in short order, even going so far as to shoot one. There was also the news of Lockhart not only being replaced, but that there were rumblings of something big about to happen soon- likely Dal-related, perhaps?

Last but not least, there was the news that Carrie’s father had died- which, sad to say, also applied to actor James Rebhorn as well, in real life. That was a moving tribute to both the actor and the character, and I liked that it not only caused Carrie to take the rare moment to collect herself, but that it also compelled her to ask to see her baby for the first time since she’s been in Pakistan that I’m aware of. Definitely a nice character moment for Carrie, regardless.

All in all, a good episode, if inevitably transitional in nature, what with the final episode being next week. Still, the set-up for whatever happens next was mighty impressive, and I can’t wait to see how Dar figures into what’s going on with Haqqani. It should make for some gripping viewing, that’s for sure, especially if Saul finds out, and I think it’s safe to assume he will sooner than later. Can’t wait to see him confront his old friend, and I suspect it will not be pretty, whatever happens.

What did you think of “Homeland” this week? What it Dar up to? How long has he been working with Haqqani? Is he, or is he there under duress? How will Saul react? What will Carrie and Quinn do, with this new knowledge? Will Carrie and Quinn team up to take out Haqqani after all? Make your predictions down below and see you next week for the grand finale!