Hart of Dixie Season 4 Review “Kablang”

Hart Of Dixie Season 4 Premiere 2014 Kablang 02

It’s been a while since we were all in Bluebell, and so it’s both comforting and bothersome that everything on Hart of Dixie seems to be exactly where we left it. Zoe and Wade are still figuring out their feelings, Lemon is still constructing elaborate ruses and the townsfolk are still absolutely, unequivocally mad.

But this being the final season of the show, things probably won’t stay as stagnated for long. Execs have promised that the shortened run time of season four will mean that we enjoy a compact, break-neck string of episodes, and the amount covered in this first instalment certainly supports that claim.

Starting with the bad, we have the Lemon/George/Lavon triangle, which was proposed in the third season finale and still isn’t any better of an idea months later. The writers spent a good part of last year re-establishing the dynamic that George and Lemon have, reiterating their history and setting things up for them to be a possible endgame couple, and sticking Lavon into the mix both ruins all that good work and threatens to completely derail what I assume are long-term plans for him and Anna-Beth.

There’s also some rubbish with volunteer fire-fighters, which at least has some sweet moments with Tom Long. We all love Tom Long.

Another romance reignited is Brick and Shelby, which is once again being kept a secret in order to keep Brick’s mother from sniffing around. A similar plot has been concocted by Lemon with her handsome doctor boyfriend, who it actually turns out is merely a beard in order to keep her grandmother and his parents at bay. That leaves the door open for Lavon and George, and I know which one I’m backing.

But as always, it’s Wade and Zoe’s storyline that most of us are here for, and it’s still on form even this far down the road. It sits so starkly in contrast with the rest of the show at this point that you wonder whether you switched channels half-way through the episode, but that doesn’t matter when, at long last, it’s being taken care of.

Whether you knew the spoiler about Zoe’s pregnancy or just figured it out based on Rachel Bilson’s own happy news, it was always obvious that the random hookup would have consequences beyond morning after regret. There’s no getting away from it – if that is indeed Wade’s baby (and there’s no reason to suspect that it isn’t), then this couple are forever linked.

And that’s something joyous about this final season – we know exactly how things will end, and can just have fun seeing where the show takes us on the way to that ending. Not many fans get that much, so let’s celebrate small mercies and get ready for the foolish shenanigans and fun Hart of Dixie has in store for us.

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