‘Reign’ (Season 2): Showing No Mercy

Reign Season 2 Episode 10 Mercy 03

Last week’s episode of Reign included a very controversial scene of Queen Mary (series lead Adelaide Kane) being raped by a man pretending to be one of the royal guard. It, of course, was an extremely traumatic moment in the young woman’s life, but she put on a very brave face for her people.

Since then Mary has – understandably – been standoffish towards everyone; Queen Catherine (series regular Megan Follows), her ladies-in waiting Greer (series regular Celina Sinden), Lola (series regular Anna Popplewell) and Kenna (series regular Caitlin Stasey) and especially her husband King Francis (series lead Toby Regbo). But she has also been determined to find the man responsible for the crime and the two other men who allowed it to happen.

In the show’s fall finale that aired on Thursday night, Mary got justice upon the three men – with the help of Lord Conde (series regular Sean Teale); and while Mary had believed that getting revenge against those men would help her move on from that tragic incident that’s obviously not the case. It is going to take a lot more than just getting even or showing no mercy toward those men for Mary to get past what happened to her.

After the brutal murders of the three men by her and Conde’s hands, Mary decided to move back into her old rooms, staying away from Francis, who she holds partially (and unreasonably by her own admission) responsible for the attack. If Francis had not been keeping secrets from her that led him to being away from the castle when the attack took place, she firmly believed that the whole, horrible situation would not have taken place.

Given her state of mind, fans can only imagine how her fragile mind is going to degrade over time; and fans will have to wait for the second season of ‘Reign’ to return from its winter break on The CW on Thursday, January 22 at 9/8c to learn more.