Constantine Season 1 Review “The Saint of Last Resorts”

What started out as a fairly pedestrian episode of Constantine quickly turned into one of the show’s best episodes. From major plot developments to top-notch eerie atmosphere, “The Saint of Last Resorts” served as a solid midseason finale that has me excited for the show’s return early next year.

This week, we met another member of the Newcastle crew, Anne Marie, who’d found her way into a nunnery in an attempt to repent for what happened that night. More than any other member of the team, Anne Marie really hated Constantine for the events and Newcastle, among other things. That’s not to say the rest of the crew is excited to see him when he shows up, but he really had to work to show Anne Marie that he’s doing his best to atone as well. Though I’d love to meet someone from Constantine’s past that wasn’t at Newcastle eventually, there’s no denying that the show really does bump up the emotional stakes when one of the crew arrives.

Meanwhile, with Zed sidelined after her encounter with an angel, she found herself hunted by a mysterious group of people looking to take her back to her father. What we learned her was minimal – the biggest thing we learned is that Zed’s real name is Mary – but there were plenty of exciting teases of what’s to come. What this episode really did was prove that Zed can handle herself, as she was able to fight and outwit several of her pursuers before ultimately being overtaken. My only problem is that I wish we’d gotten more of a chance to see Zed exploring the mill; the “door to nowhere” was cool, but it was ultimately just set-up for a takedown later in the episode.

The door was just one of several awesome visuals this week, though, which is where the episode really shined. Just setting a horror story in a church helps up the creepy feeling, but the show offered a lot of great visuals and atmosphere on top of that, with fog rolling in and religious imagery in the background of most scenes. We also got stuff like the bleeding flesh fruit and the unsettling design of this week’s demon, which just helped tie everything together in one of the show’s most visually satisfying episodes.

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