The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Review “Christmas Through Your Eyes”

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 Christmas Through Your Eyes 13

Maybe because Christmas is upon us, and I’m in a giving mood, I have to admit I really kinda enjoyed the latest Xmas-themed episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” even with the eye-rolling inducing title at hand: “Christmas Through Your Eyes”- oh, brother. There’s a reason for that though, as this one was genuinely like “TVD” of yore.

We got to see all our girls-Elena, Caroline and Bonnie- together for the first time in many a moon, even if it was only via flashbacks, and that was really nice; but we also had a lot of genuine sadness and pathos, sprinkled with just the right amount of heart and humor. There were also some unexpected pay-offs for a lot of characters, tying together some threads I never quite realized needed it.

For instance on the latter, we discovered that the car- or at least one of them- that Stefan had been working on while he was doing the mechanic thing in Savannah was Damon’s car that he totaled a while back on the show, which Stefan completely rebuilt as a Christmas present for Damon. Also, I’m guessing, as a positive bit of therapy to work through on his part, as Stefan mourned Damon’s “death.” That’s a nice character moment, and it shows that Stefan maybe wasn’t thinking of himself as much as he let on during his time away.

He’s definitely learned from the whole experience, and after finally realizing that he’d been ignoring Caroline’s problems while obsessing over his own, he was able to make amends in a decidedly unexpected way, when- say it isn’t so!- Sheriff Forbes was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. Caroline was, of course, devastated, and Stefan was finally there to deliver the bad news and comfort her, after not having been there for her for so long.

Nice performances from both all around, I thought, and there’s no denying that the experience, as traumatic as it was, will likely bond them even further, perhaps even ultimately leading to that next step in their relationship that all Stefoline ‘shippers have been hoping for. Really hoping for a Christmas miracle for Liz Forbes, but if not, that would be a nice consolation prize- and I do think mom would approve of the relationship. Here’s hoping we get both in the end- but we’ll just have to wait until the New Year to see the final results of all that, as the episode ended before everything was resolved.

That includes the action centerpiece of the show, revolving around Kai and the Gemini Coven family drama. The episode began with Kai stabbing random people in order to sneak in the hospital and attack, drug and kidnap sister Jo, which he successfully did. Next step was securing the knife, which turned out to be part of the deal he made with Tyler last episode- if Tyler could talk Liv into doing a locator spell to find the knife, he’d let her live.

After all, all he has to do is beat Jo in the whole Eclipse Twin Merge thing and he’ll be the most powerful witch in the coven, including the Luke and Liv wonder-twins. (I keep waiting for them to join hands at some point and say: “Wonder Twin powers activate!”- now that line would have made my Christmas!)

However, thanks to a sister witch pep talk from Liv, Jo is feeling a bit feistier than usual, and now she has her magic back, after caving to Kai’s demands when he threatened to kill Liv and spelling them out of the knife, which Liv did indeed locate and take from Damon’s hiding place. She’ll need that verve, as shortly thereafter, Damon arrived and didn’t kill Kai while he had the chance (at Jo’s request), chaining him up instead over the magical border, where he proceeded to draw magic from the Travelers’ spell over Mystic Falls- enough to free him from his chains and get away.

But that wasn’t all- Kai so successfully drew from said spell he was able to take out the entire magical force field altogether- thus rendering the anti-magic protective layer over the town non-existent. Luckily, this coincided with two events that should have taken out two characters in one fell swoop: Damon and Enzo.

Kai attacked Damon and flung him over the boundaries, as a vengeful Matt drove Enzo over the border in Tripp’s truck, in an ultimately failed attempt to kill him that instead ended up with him actually getting compelled by Enzo to help him seek revenge on Stefan for the wrongs he committed against him in turn. Well, Jeremy did warn Matt about seeking revenge for revenge’s sake- now he’ll be paying the price by aiding and abetting his own enemy against his will.

Meanwhile, Damon, who had been struggling to have a bro moment with Alaric the entire episode, finally achieved one when he was nearly killed by Kai, and realized he’d dodged a bullet, big time. Despite Damon being Damon, I think these two may have that bromance going strong again by the New Year as well. Good, I’ve missed it, even though it hasn’t been that long, really, I suppose.

The only somewhat sour note: poor Bonnie trapped in ’94, alone with only a fiery Christmas tree to keep her company. Not a very merry Christmas for our Bonnie, sad to say. This matter really needs to be rectified asap. I halfway thought that maybe Kai taking away the spell on Mystic Falls might somehow bring her back, but no such luck. I do suspect that the inevitable taking down of Kai will, though, or at least give the lucky winner- likely Jo- the power to do so. It can’t happen fast enough for me, as I hate seeing sad Bonnie, and there’s been a lot of that for far too long. It might be a crap Christmas for Bonnie this year, but here’s hoping she gets a Happy New Year.

Best moments not already mentioned: Elena getting a face-full of snowball from Bonnie in a flashback; the nice moment between Caroline and her mom at the dorm pre-drama; possible allusions to, respectively, “Lost” (that can’t be a coincidence) and “Under the Dome” from Kai as he speculated about the properties of the magical boundaries; and especially the further dome allusion via Stefan’s gift of a snow globe to Caroline- and the pay-off of her holding it as she sat with her mother later, showing how meaningful it was despite her scoffing about it in the flashback. Definitely a lovely character moment, that last bit.

So, all in all, the best episode of the show in recent memory- who says there aren’t Christmas miracles? It’s a tricky bit of business, juggling this much drama and potentially cheesy minefields that many Christmas-themed shows fall into when tackling this sort of thing, but I thought the show did a good job of avoiding most of them, if not all, though maybe your level of tolerance for this sort of thing might be lower than mine. Honestly, though, I was just happy to be enjoying an episode, after a few too many lackluster ones earlier this season. This was easily one of the better episodes of the season, and much appreciated as such.

What did you think of “The Vampire Diaries” this week? Did you, too, appreciate the episode? Or was it still a bit too emo for your tastes? Do you like the direction it’s heading with all this? Did you appreciate the unexpected pay-offs for the moments I mentioned? Or has the show steered too far off-track for your tastes? Sound off down below and have a merry Christmas, regardless!