Reign Season 2 Review “Mercy” – Fate Worse Than Death

Reign Season 2 Episode 10 Mercy 02

In this episode of Reign, called “Mercy,” Francis makes a decision about what kind of king he would like to be in the aftermath of Mary’s attack.

The issue of locating Mary’s rapist and the rest of her attackers was resolved a lot faster than I thought it would be. But it became clear that Mary wasn’t going to have a moment’s rest until she found the man and made sure he paid for what he did. Once again, I admired her for not sitting back to let Francis or anyone else take control over the situation. Even while she was still hurt and vulnerable, she showed tremendous strength by joining Louis on his hunt.

Sadly, Mary discovered that finding the man responsible and even setting him aflame wasn’t enough to erase what had happened. She thought that seeing the man dead would give her some sort of peace, but of course it wasn’t nearly that simple. I also admired her for telling Francis the truth about how she felt the attack was connected to him. Again and again, she proves that she doesn’t shy away from the truth, even when she knows it might hurt someone. If only Francis had shared her conviction, perhaps they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in now. As much as they promised each other it would never happen, they are moving forward as husband and wife in name only. It breaks my heart to see it, even though I can completely understand the way she feels.

And now Louis has admitted that he loves her, which is sure to make things even more complicated, especially now that we know he was sent to court as a spy. Will Louis’ brother force him to do something to harm Francis? Right now Mary seems a bit taken with him, but I have to wonder if she’ll continue to feel that way once she finds out Louis has been lying to her as well.

Greer is also stuck in a difficult situation, now that her husband has had to basically run for his life before it is discovered they had a hand in funding the attack on the castle. I have no doubt Greer spoke the truth when she said she loved him and he needed to leave for his own good. But with him gone, I have a feeling she and Leith might find it hard not to spark up their old romance.

Speaking of sparking up old romances. Catherine found the ghost of Henry in her bed but, like her daughters, he felt very real. I don’t know if Catherine is simply going stark, raving mad or if the ghosts in the castle are very powerful, but I’m worried that it seems like they can touch her. Whether their powers are just over Catherine or not, they can easily make her do what they desire – as evidenced by the fact that she was willing to kill Claude for the girls.

My favorite bits:

Francis having to hide from his brother the fact that Mary was not exactly all right.

Catherine telling Francis that Mary was looking for her rapist and would continue to do so for the rest of her life if Francis didn’t find him.

Francis finally telling Mary the truth about the blackmail and killing his father.

Francis promising to give the people a king to be feared.

Francis ordering Bash to let the prisoners freeze.

Being relieved that Mary told her best friends what happened to her. I know she needed them near her, even if she couldn’t stand to have them touch her.

Mary pointing out that she wasn’t ashamed of what happened to her.

The girls saying they didn’t care about the monarchy, they just cared about their friend.

Catherine pointing out to Francis that it was time to choose either mercy or terror.

Francis ordering Bash to have all the men in the dungeons hung. Wow.

The little girls appearing behind Claude. Talk about creepy.

Catherine finding out that her little ghosts had power over her.

Mary asking to see the wife of the man who killed himself.

Louis’ shocked “Good Lord!” when Mary proved that she was indeed armed.

Mary coming face to face with her attacker and promising that he would be hanged and his name forgotten forever.

Mary changing her mind and setting the man ablaze for his sins herself.

Mary asking Francis to release the rest of the prisoners.

Francis: “I love you and you love me.”
Mary: “And look where that love has brought us.”

Francis telling Narcisse that he was his puppet now.

Henry showing up in Catherine’s bed.

Mary reading Louis’ note and finding out he was in love with her.

What did you think of this episode of Reign? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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