Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 10 Review

Gracepoint Episode Ten 09

So now we know, and everyone’s worst suspicions about Gracepoint have been confirmed. The ultimate identity of Danny’s killer may have been a departure from Broadchurch‘s resolution, but the meat of the episode – the conclusion of the previous ten episodes – was strikingly similar.

The most frustrating thing about the show was its unwillingness to differ from the existing narrative. Gracepoint had two episodes on its inspiration – two hours to play with – and those episodes were a decent slice of whodunnit telly that added to the mystery, fleshed out the characters and really justified their own existence. But the other eight episodes? They were shot-for-shot, line-for-line remakes, made all the more jarring for David Tennant’s presence.

But this episode didn’t even bother with that – the palpable tension built up by Hardy/Carver’s sublime slow-motion walk towards Joe with the phone was absent from Gracepoint, as were some of the additional scenes of the grieving family dealing with learning the identity of their son’s killer.

But so little has been done with these characters over the course of the last ten weeks, making it almost acceptable that this finale would just skip over those cathartic moments post-reveal. Miller’s outburst at Joe, Hardy/Carver’s concern over his suspicions at the beginning of the episode, Beth’s helpless indignation at Ellie – all of this was just a re-enactment of scenes done better elsewhere, regardless of how great these actors are.

I have nothing against remakes in general, which is why I was keen to take a look at Gracepoint and how it would deal with being an adaptation of such a well-loved series, but this should go down in history as one of the ways not to do it.

Yes, the killer was different, but a small afterthought does not justify an entire 10-part series, and the lack of interest, low ratings and probably (definite?) cancellation just backs up that notion.

Ironically, just a few weeks prior to the return of Broadchurch to UK screens, the end of this episode actually promised that a second season of Gracepoint would forge its own path, and be a lot more interesting more it. Alas, we’ll likely never know.

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