Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “Amelia Porter”

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 10 Amelia Porter 01

I may be a couple days late, but I’m still going to review the most recent Criminal Minds episode “Amelia Porter.” After a cool opening scene introduces us to our creepy Unsub, our team heads off to Salt Lake City to investigate a spree killer.

Before they hopped on the plane, we get a little bit of a reveal for Hotchner. Apparently he broke up with Beth off screen, and it’s been a while since they’ve been officially separated now. We’ve had a lot more character development for the team in this season, spending a lot more time with the family, but I would have liked to see more of this. We only had a little bit of screen time with Beth back on the Halloween episode, but I would have liked to see the actual breakup and how it affected Jack. It was nice to hear that Hotch was able to take his son to Orlando for a while to take his mind off of it, but it’s sad that Beth’s departure had hurt Jack so much that he needed some time away.

The case itself was pretty standard Criminal Minds fare. An Unsub gets out of jail, starts going on a spree killing, kidnaps people for protection, and the whole thing ends in a Mexican standoff. There’s nothing here we haven’t seen before on this show a million times before. I know that I can’t expect something totally original when we’re 220+ episodes in, but I would have hoped that veteran CM writer would have used a little more originality. We also had yet another first time director on this episode in Alrick Riley, which has happened several times already this season. This show has been on for 10 seasons now, so you’d think they’d have a dependable stable of veteran directors ready to step in. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting some fresh blood in the director’s chair, but the whole episode came off as very boilerplate stuff.

Even the big reveal of the episode that Amelia Porter was hiding in the area was a big swing and a miss. It might have been a more effective surprise if they didn’t name the dang episode after her. They rarely title the episodes with people’s names, so you knew they weren’t going to name the episode after a character that had moved away to Canada and never been seen again.

The only part of the episode that really impressed me was when the Unsub shot his nephew. It was a decidedly shocking and dark turn for the episode, but it was a bit disappointing that the nephew didn’t actually die. The performance by Travis Caldwell, the Unsub, was also appropriately creepy.

I don’t know if it’s just that I’m expecting too much from this show, or if I should lower my expectations, but just about every case this season has been pretty boring. The overarching storylines and increased character development has been a nice touch, but when the majority of the episode is a predictable case then it’s hard to get excited.

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Random Thoughts:

– If anybody was interested, the scripture that Benton quoted to his dad was Ezekiel 36:31.

– The local cop making a joke about “moose and bears” in Canada was particularly groan inducing.

– I never would have guessed that Rossi would be so shy about approaching a woman he was attracted to! Watching Hotch with a woman is also super awkward…