Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Frontwards”

Covert Affairs - Season 5

Season 5 of Covert Affairs has, for the most part, been a welcome change of pace: Henry Wilcox is gone, the addition of Ryan McQuaid as an ally, Belenko as an intriguing villain, Hayley and Stephanie being more than what originally expected. All good things. And yet, “Frontwards” felt like the beginning of a trip at the finish line.

I couldn’t believe that Annie, Auggie, and McQuaid went searching for Decker not even thinking that Belenko could be tailing them. The man has been 10 steps ahead every time and it didn’t occur that to them that they were doing exactly what he wanted? If this was Season 1 Annie, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but this is Season 5 Annie. After dealing with Wilcox, Lena, and scores of other people, she would know better. Auggie and McQuaid would know better based on their experience. Yes, the show needs to wrap up the story line but not at the expense of our leads’ intelligence. Maybe I could excuse Auggie actions based on the emotions of getting to his friend and being exhausted from physical torture. But not Annie. It’s been 5 years Covert Affairs, and I expect better. Things happen too easily for our characters on the show (see more below), but this is not The Bridge or FX. It’s USA. I’m not expecting hardcore political commentary. That being said, I don’t buy this sudden error in Annie’s judgement. She thinks with her gut, yet more often than not her gut is right. Certain liberties are always taken to make the plot work at a convenient pace. I’m hoping a situation like this doesn’t happen again though. Don’t skim on Annie’s abilities an agent to move the story along.

My other concern is that McQuaid’s days are numbered. Like the buildup with Stephanie, McQuaid’s declaration of love to Annie and his gung-ho attitude regarding Belenko feel like a set-up to a heroic death. I sincerely hope this is not the case. Nic Bishop has been a welcome addition and sending him off after one season would be a waste. Not to mention that the show has already gone a similar route before with Simon. No matter how likable McQuaid is though, he’s still an obstacle between Annie and Auggie, which ultimately feels like the show’s endgame. Prove me wrong Covert Affairs. Don’t go that direction. Piper Perabo and Bishop have great chemistry; so do Auggie and Natasha (who was already more likable again last episode now that the Hayley triangle is over). If Season 6 is given a go, Bishop should be in it.

One episode left. Surprise me in a good way.

More Thoughts as I Check My Contacts for Trackers

– I’ve not mentioned it too often, but this outing definitely revealed how easy the writers make Annie and company’s situations. For one thing, they’re able to enter and leave any country at the drop of a hat. Also, the whole prison sojourn and escape was ridiculous. First off, if I were Belenko, I would have given pictures of Annie, Auggie, and McQuaid to the crooked cops. That way, when McQuaid was arrested, they would have had a heads up. Why did Decker lets the other two prisoners free? I’m all for it if they were innocent and could have helped, but that served no purpose AND could have slowed the escape down. And the location where Auggie and Decker met the helicopter- was that the U.S Embassy? A random helipad? Again, I understand all the red tape involved in real life situations would take too long, but credibility can only be pushed so far.

– The one thing I do believe: the Russians turning on Belenko.

– Calder going after Allan Langer. Good. He needs to be taken care of.

– Best quote on the show in a while: Ryan telling Belenko to “Shut your face.”