The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “Hooping it Up”

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 11 Hooping It Up 04

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the penultimate episode of the 25th season in “Hooping it Up”, as the teams stayed in the Philippines for another leg.

Staying in the Philippines means that we had no jockeying for flight times, and we were able to get right into the thick of things pretty quick. The Wrestlers got off to a surprisingly good start when they got a bus going in the correct direction. Not only was it great that a team that I like to make an uncharacteristically good decision, but it was incredibly satisfying that a team that I don’t like made an uncharacteristically bad decision.

Yes, The Dentists went in the completely wrong direction and took the Scientists along with them. I loved that they were literally right in the middle of congratulating their own intelligence and high fiving each other when they found out that they were going the wrong way all along. That was one of the most satisfying moments of the episode. I absolutely love the crazy eyes face that Jim makes when he realizes he made a huge mistake.

The Speed Bump was predictably lame. They’ve always been really easy, and this one was no different. I think they might want to rethink this whole system, as the Speed Bump is rarely the reason for the last place team to come in last.

We had yet another Blind Detour, and I’m still not very onboard with it. The “This” Detour was simply playing basketball against a couple neighborhood kids, and “That” was a bike ride around a couple blocks. Neither of the challenges were very visually impressive. In fact, they were both laughably unimpressive. Just last week you had Brooke and Robbie catching fish in the rough Philippine waters, and now you have them playing some pickup ball with a couple kids. It’s a pretty big step down.

I also still don’t see the reason for the Blind Detour when it’s so easy to switch to the other Detour if you want to. You could easily get to the “This” side and say “Oh man, I suck at basketball, let’s switch!” And literally nothing happens to you. You lose a couple minutes walking to the other challenge. That’s it.

The Road Block was for picking up coconut products and bringing them to stores. Really the only challenge here, apart from schlepping that heavy stuff around, was finding out where to take this stuff. It always shocks me how infrequently these people read their clues. They just grab these coconuts and just walk out and hope it comes to them! The same thing with Adam and Bethany walking around looking for the next stop without really looking through Adam’s bag for the clue. Craziness.

There was a couple big reveals at the end, as we find out that not only are the teams continuing to race right into the final leg, but there will now be four teams racing to the end! It would have been a better surprise that The Scientists were still in it if we didn’t see the envelope that Phil was hiding behind his back when they showed up.

So we’ve got four people racing to the finish line next week! Who’s going to win it all? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Why was there such a random amount of time on the biking Detour? 17:55? Strange…

– Wow, a manila envelope while they’re IN Manila?! I see what you’re doing there, Phil!

– If they’re ending the race in Los Angeles, and they started in New York City, they’re not really going all the way around the world, are they? They still have the whole US to get across!