Survivor Season 29 Review “Let’s Make a Move”

Survivor Blood vs Water Season 29 Episode 13 Lets Make a Move 03

I know it’s a day late and all, but I thought I should still review one of the biggest Survivor episodes of the season, “Let’s Make a Move.” While this episode has been pretty solid thus far, it’s also been pretty low on big moves. The title of the episode alone excited me, so I was ready to be impressed.

The episode got off to a strange start when Natalie was able to successfully convince Jon and Jaclyn that she accidentally voted for Alec. That was weird. How do you believe somebody when they say that?! If someone changes their vote on Survivor, that means they are turning on you! Maybe if it was a stupid player making a mistake, you could believe that, but not a player as smart as Natalie. She wouldn’t make a mistake that big.

Anyway, the reward challenge was a good one. The cameras on the see-saw was a really cool touch, and the easy-to-follow puzzle was pretty solid. It was pretty brutal being able to actually see Missy roll her ankle, too. I’m glad she was still able to power through and win the challenge, and then Jon gave up his spot to her daughter Baylor. If nothing else, this will be the season of people giving up their rewards to other people. There’s probably been more of that in this season than in all other previous seasons combined.

Not a whole lot really happened between challenges. Jon and Jaclyn almost figured out that Natalie betrayed them, but then Jon decided that Nat wouldn’t turn on them. Good call, Jon. Oh, and Natalie was missing her sister over on Tribal. I really didn’t like Natalie from her appearance on The Amazing Race, but she’s really starting to grow on me every week. It was nice to see her show a little bit of vulnerability.

I really thought that Missy would be going home tonight. Not only did we have those scenes last week showing her tearful medical examination, but then the doctor made it sound like she needed X-rays right away. It was brave of Missy to stick around, and it’s probably going to win her a few jury votes if she can get to the end of the game with a busted leg. This twisted ankle might be the best thing that’s happened to her game!

So Jon was actually voted out! This was certainly a big move, but there were so many signs pointing to this happening that it ended up not being a very big surprise. You got Jon constantly talking about how he’s not getting blindsided, then the title of the episode itself was a dead giveaway as well. Then as soon as Nat won the idol you just knew it was over for him. They tried to make it seem like it might have been Jaclyn, but either way you knew the two lovebirds would be separated in some way. With Jon out of the picture, the race for the finish just got a lot more interesting. There’s no more big strapping men left to be concerned about. You’ve got a jury of big strong men, and a final five of the traditional “weak players” that usually get voted out first. It will definitely be interesting to see who comes away with the million bucks on Wednesday! Any guesses?

Random Thoughts:

– It was a little weird that Jeff didn’t mention on the show that the reward challenge was designed by 13-year-old Make-A-Wish kid Austin Russell.

– Did anybody else think it was a bit unfair that Baylor was equating Missy’s marriages for her reason of being loyal to Jon? Maybe she’s just trying to play an honest game. Why you gotta make it so serious?

– What’s the deal with all of the medics on this show having Australian accents? Not that I’m complaining, but can’t they bring their own medics when they fly out the rest of the crew from the states?

– Alec’s blank face on the jury might have been my favorite part of the season thus far.