The Mysteries of Laura Episode 10 Review “The Mystery of The Fertility Fatality”

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

In this episode of The Mysteries of Laura, called “The Mystery of The Fertility Fatality,” a fertility doctor is murdered, which makes everyone start thinking about their own children, children they never had and future children.

This episode was all about babies, in one way or another. We found out that Laura and Jake were pregnant with a baby girl before they had the boys, but sadly never got to bring their daughter home. That was a terrible tragedy and I have to wonder if that pain was part of what tore their marriage apart. Yes, I know Jake cheated but it could all have been related. That’s something I can’t even imaging going through and knowing the story made me look at Jake and Laura in a different way.

Meredith also found herself reflecting on her life as they wound their way through the case of the murdered fertility doctor. Like Billy, I thought she was a little young to be thinking of things like that. Then again, I guess if you have no prospects for Mr. Right in your life, you start to think maybe it will never happen. Until that moment, I hadn’t thought of Meredith as the kind of woman who was planning to have kids. Shame on me for assuming she was a stereotype: Just a tough police officer with no maternal instinct. I started to see her in a new way, too and I think Meredith will make an excellent mom someday.

While the team was tracking down the killer of the fertility doctor, Max had a case of his own. I loved that Laura used her resources as a police woman to find out what was really happening with little Zoey and her boys. It did seem a little too convenient that the only time precious, little Zoey was bullied was when no one else was around. Max did a great job getting to the bottom of the case and pulled off some cool moves undercover. He may need to learn a little bit more about babies before he pretends to be a dad again, but he still nailed it. Sure enough, Laura’s boys were innocent and Zoey was the one hurting herself. I loved that Laura was able to show the proof to all the smug moms.

My favorite bits:

The look on Meredith’s face when Laura said she believed Meredith had been bullied in school.

Laura spitting out Jake’s sandwich.

Laura trying to turn the word “amazing” into “a maze of arteries.”

Laura coming up with all the options for the initials, “B.B.” My personal favorite was “Big Boobs.”

Knowing immediately that Beautiful Becky was the horse and not the woman.

Laura placing a bet with some change and a toy. The best part was that the guy took it.

Laura screaming “Harder Baby, Harder!” in the middle of the club.

Finding out that Laura was deathly afraid of horses.

Wondering exactly how Laura’s father figured out a way to bet on her clarinet recital.

The drunk chick pointing out that the bartender was “packing heat.”

Laura: “You’re supposed to be shadowing, not coaching.”
Alicia: “Are you going to fix his sliding side-kick?”

Wondering why Billy kept insisting on talking to the one jockey who was puking, rather than the other dozen or so who were just standing around the locker room.

Finding out that Laura once pepper sprayed Meredith.

Laura intercepting Jake’s pizza.

The moms staging a parenting intervention for Laura.

Meredith finding the perfect mix for a tasty juice.

Billy: “Meredith, look at you. I’m sure guys are trying to knock you up left and right.”
Meredith: “Thank you?”

Every lie Max told about his imaginary baby. I think my favorite was him saying she was 18 inches old. That, and naming her Mylar.

Laura ordering Jake to stay “north of the equator” in the exam room.

Doctor: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”
Laura: “Congratulations, you’re under arrest.”

Max checking the spelling on the name Peter White. Oops.

Laura’s story about the baby girl she never got to bring home.

Laura kicking Jason off that roof. Whoa.

Laura telling Billy her story was a total lie, but then talking about it with Jake.

Laura managing to catch little Zoey in the act.

What did you think of this episode of The Mysteries of Laura? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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