American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Review “Tupperware Party Massacre”

American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 9 Tupperware Party Massacre 02

On the latest episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” Dandy Mott was mad as hell and he wasn’t going to fake it anymore, in the amusingly-titled “Tupperware Party Massacre.” And if there’s one thing worse than a crazy Dandy, it’s a vengeful one who realizes that money and power really can buy you everything, as any number of unfortunate souls learned on tonight’s episode.

It all started with Dandy paying a return visit to the carnival, where he had his fortune told by the lovely Esmeralda, aka Maggie, who, if she’d had any actual powers of sight, would have realized she was in the presence of an absolute lunatic- not to mention the vary one that terrorized her on Halloween a few episodes back. Alas, she simply encouraged him in his insanity, albeit in the most mundane simplistic way possible- a dime store horoscope if there ever was one.

Jimmy, on the other hand, saw right through Dandy, and told him so, accusing him of having the twins and of being the second clown that horrific night, but all that did was to rile Dandy up that much more, and worse still, direct his rage firmly in Jimmy’s direction, whom Dandy swore he would destroy and everything Jimmy loves. Alas, for poor Jimmy, by the end of the episode, Dandy had gone a long way towards doing just that.

After fashioning his mother’s body with an extra makeshift head, courtesy of the Avon lady, which he then sewed on as a sort of surrogate Tattler Twin in lieu of the real thing, Dandy followed Jimmy to one of his “special” Tupperware parties, where Jimmy was decidedly off his game, having fully embraced his alcoholism. After the lady of the house kicked him out, Dandy showed up, in full Dapper Dan mode, claiming car trouble. Cut to her husband arriving home, only to find the titular event had come to pass, with every last attendee of the get-together sliced up to high heaven and floating in the pool. Now that’s some Tupperware party!

But Dandy was by no means done. After all, there was still Regina to contend with. So, he simply confessed everything to her, allowing her to leave with no harm done, to do as she would, knowing full well she would likely run straight to the police. Then, when the police arrived, Dandy admitted everything, informed the detective that he was rich as sin, and offered him a million dollars to take care of his Regina problem, and faster than you can say “goodnight Precious,” Regina was no more.

What’s more, Dandy’s Tupperware party antics were firmly pinned on poor Jimmy, who ended the episode being carted away by the cops, having successfully made the transition from hero to mass murderer in the town of Jupiter’s eyes- not that it would have taken much in the first place. Lucky for him, Maggie is still carrying a torch for Jimmy, despite having caught him in the act of, ahem, “getting to know” Barbara “Ima” Wiggles, shall we say?

Jimmy also missed a golden opportunity to be with the twins, who, after being tracked down by Elsa and Stanley and told that the doctor was about to be in and ready to perform the surgery they so desired- or at least Dot did- took off to the carnival and basically offered themselves up on a silver platter to him, only to be rejected. Not that much could have happened even if he had gone for it, as Jimmy was arrested shortly thereafter, but still, talk about a missed opportunity!

Now, it seems inevitable that the girls will go through with the faux surgery after all, which was clearly a set-up perpetrated by Stanley, with an assist from his former Viking warrior-turned-unlikeliest-surgeon ever. (We also discovered that Stanley was a bit of a freak himself, as it was implied that he was packing something monstrous in his pants!)

Meanwhile, on the Desiree and Dell front, the former found herself face-to-face with beloved admirer Angus T. Jefferson (former Cosby kid Malcolm-Jamal Warner, late of “Sons of Anarchy” and “Major Crimes”), who wanted to renew their relationship, while Dell found himself on the wrong end of a hanging rope. (Speaking of “SOA,” I guess aiding in the suicide of one of that show’s most beloved characters wasn’t enough for actor Michael Chiklis this week!) Fortunately for him, Desiree intervened at the last minute, saving his life, albeit just barely. She might come to regret that, knowing Dell’s temper, but we shall see.

That was about it, but this episode was filled to the brim with insane- and sometimes even touching- moments. For instance, the scenes with the always-stellar Sarah Paulson were heartbreaking, from the twins coming to terms with their oft-shielded feelings for one another, to their putting their self out there for Jimmy, only to be rejected out of (lobster) hand. Hell, I even found myself feeling bad for Dell, who before now, I would have happily volunteered for the next to add to the show’s ever-increasing death toll. If there’s one thing this show excels at, it’s finding the hidden depths in the most unlikely of places.

As for the insanity part, I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see a little more of Dandy’s antics at the Tupperware party, and only the aftermath, but the show did manage to somewhat make up for it with that nutty mommy marionette opening scene and Dandy’s full-on meltdown with Regina, in which he declared by turns that he was a god and that- shades of Judge Dredd– “I am the law!”

As much as I want someone to punch Dandy in the face most of the time, I must admit that actor Finn Wittrock is killing it with this role this season. Along with the ever-reliable Paulson, he might just be the best thing about the show this season, especially now that Twisty is no more.

All in all, an enjoyable episode, I thought. While this season has seemed somewhat off to me, it does have its moments, and I do find myself looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I think at this point, I’ve just accepted the fact that the show is willing to forgo being scary for being disturbing and more often, darkly funny. I can live with that, I suppose.

What did you think of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” this week? Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out? Do you have a favorite character? Or someone you’d like to see go sooner than later? How do you think it will end? Who will be the next to die? Will anyone be left standing, save Pepper? Make your predictions below and see you next episode!