Supernatural Season 10 Review “The Things We Left Behind” – Fathers and Mothers

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 9 The Things We Left Behind 11

In this episode of Supernatural, called “The Things We Left Behind,” Castiel learned what it was like to be a father, Crowley opened up to his mother and Dean couldn’t hide anything from Sam any longer.

I’m so in love with this episode I feel like dressing it up in a tux and marrying it. As that’s not possible, I’ll settle for writing about every single thing that I adored about it. In fact, there were so many wonderful bits to this episode that I’ve decided to not do a “favorite bits” section. If I did my “favorite bits” like I normally do, I’d literally have to write down every moment and that just seems silly.

Instead I’ll talk about all of my favorite scenes and elements, as each one deserves to be discussed in detail.

Father Castiel

Cas making the decision to find Claire so that he could make right some of the damage he did to her life was brilliant. Claire is a character that I’m sure many fans have pretty much forgotten about since the last time we saw her. Heck, I know I had. The first scene between them had me in tears for a reason I never saw coming. I know I should’ve realized that, after all that Cas has been through, Jimmy was long dead. But to hear Castiel say it out loud in front of Jimmy’s daughter, it just killed me.

Every scene between Claire and Cas was a revelation. I loved the whole conversation about him being a doof and the way he opened up to her about how he used to be more self-assured, but everything he had been through had changed him. When Claire ran out on him, poor Cas didn’t know what to do and it was great how the boys were able to give him the support he needed. Especially Dean, in that scene in the coffee shop that I know I will watcher over and over again. The Winchesters were able to help Cas go find Claire and help her, even if she hadn’t wanted that help. Castiel as a concerned, protective father may be my favorite version of him yet.

Dean’s Private Struggle

How awesome was it to see Dean snarfing food and laughing at the Three Stooges? Those flashbacks to earlier seasons and a more carefree Dean were just a precursor to what was to come. I don’t know if he was doing it all on purpose to keep Sam from knowing what was happening, or if Dean was just doing whatever he could to keep his mind off the Mark, but I knew it would eventually come crashing down.

Before it did though, Sam and Dean spoke to Cas about fatherhood and their father in particular. That scene in the bar was my favorite in the episode and will go down as one of my favorite scenes ever. John Winchester is a subject rife with debate within this fandom, but I have always ben of the opinion that he was a man severely affected by a tragedy and did the absolute best that he could with his children. As Sam and Dean said, he’ll never win any Father of the Year awards, but that story Dean told demonstrated that his first thought was always of their safety.

Sam’s Support

I know Sam hasn’t been fooled by Dean’s reassurance that he’s fine. But his hands have been tied by the fact that Dean keeps making those reassurances and telling him that those extra bullets he’s been expending are perfectly normal. So what could Sam do but stand by and wait until his brother was going to need him? Sam making Dean that grilled cheese sandwiche seemed like such a simple thing, but I took it as an incredibly loving gesture. He was saying, “Here, bro, I know I can’t do anything to help with everything that you’ve been through and that thing on your arm, but here’s something I can do.” I swear I nearly freaking broke into tears when he brought it out.

In the end, when Dean lost control inside the house and Sam realized it, I was happy to see that Sam’s face didn’t have anger on it when he jumped out of the car. When he slid down on his knees in front of his brother, it wasn’t with accusation or an “I told you so.” All I saw was worry and perhaps, strangely enough, a little bit of relief. Finally, Dean can no longer hide from Sam the fact that he can’t control the rage inside of him and finally, Sam can help him do something about it.

Crowley’s Mommy Issues

Watch out Crowley, your soft, little underbelly is showing. Watching Crowley confront Rowena about the horrible mother she had been was another highlight of this episode for me. As cold and heartless as he is, the appearance of Crowley’s mother brought out a hint of the scared boy he had once been. Yet, I was just as happy that he didn’t completely turn into a whimpering child just because he saw his mommy again. I loved that Crowley was able to tell her all those things he’d been holding onto for hundreds of years. In the end though, it was interesting to see that Rowena was still able to manipulate her son and I wonder what affect her release will have on him in the future.

I could talk about this episode all day, but I’ll stop now. What did you guys think of this midseason finale of Supernatural? What were your favorite or least favorite parts of the episode?

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