Stalker Season 1 Review “Tell All”

Stalker Episode 11 Tell All 01

On the latest episode of “Stalker,” Beth finally got her man- sort of- in “Tell All.” Actually, it was technically Janice who got Beth’s man, as in Perry, Beth’s own ongoing stalker this season. After giving his dorm room a once over via his current roommate (who proclaimed him creepy-you don’t say!), Janice discovered that Perry had been smart enough to take down all the pictures he drew of Beth and stash away various evidence of his stalking so that it wasn’t in plain sight. He then showed up and ran Janice off, but she promised it wasn’t the last he’d be hearing from her, which proved to be all too true.

Later on in the episode, she confronted him in a parking structure, goading him just as he goaded Beth in the previous episode, with information she’d learned about his own family, including the fact that his mother had killed herself. Accusing him of lingering mommy issues, Janice kept pushing his buttons until he snapped and tried to strangle her. Cue the near-by cops and Perry was handily taken down and charged with assaulting a police officer. Though it was great that Perry was finally nabbed for his crimes against others, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of him.

For one thing, he and Beth never really got another full-blown showdown, and I think they will eventually. As Perry is a rich kid, chances are his family will help him get a light sentence, if not get him off entirely- it was essentially entrapment, after all- which means it’s only a matter of time before he gets out and steps up his game with Beth. This time, however, she’ll be ready for him. Can’t wait to see him get taken down for real, but this will do until the rest of the season arrives next year.

As for the main case, it was a strange one, as a hockey player’s ex-wife found herself being stalked by what she felt was her ex, but couldn’t prove. He claimed otherwise, and after various episodes in which all sorts of things had happened, including one woman who essentially stalked herself, more or less, I wasn’t sure what to think anymore. But it really did turn out to be him, and the reason was the titular tell-all book the woman was writing, in which she slammed any number of her associates, including her doctor, a former friend who slept with her husband, and so on.

Given that the forthcoming book was leaked to some of these people, there were a lot of potential suspects, including the requisite ghost writer who’d fallen for his subject, as well as her editor, who’d leaked the manuscript in the first place. Then various people slammed in the book started coming up missing and it was clear that something else was afoot. Were the people being kidnapped dead, or being held hostage?

As it turned out, it was the latter, which the stalkee discovered the hard way, when she came home to find them all tied up and gagged in her dining room. It seems that her initial instincts were right on the money, as her hockey player ex was indeed the culprit. Thankfully, Beth and Janice arrived just in time to save her, with Beth doing what I’d hope to see her do to Perry to said ex, ending his reign of terror.

This wasn’t one of the better episodes of the show, if I’m being honest, which is a shame, as I really liked the idea of someone picking off the enemies of their object of affection because of a tell-all book, as a way of getting closer to the subject of the book. Unfortunately, the execution was a bit sloppy, and as a result the episode didn’t work as well as it should have.

I did like that Larsen and his own ex-wife came to terms with their own situation, and it was an interesting choice to have Janice be the one that took Perry down finally, but on the whole, the episode was just so-so. It’s especially disappointing, as the show has been on a roll as of late, in terms of creative plotlines. Still, it’s been more hit than miss, IMHO, so there’s that. I’m definitely impressed enough to keep watching, despite the somewhat inevitable occasional off episodes. It happens.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Stalker”? Glad to see Perry finally pay the price for his crimes- at least to a certain extent? Do you think he’ll be out of jail sooner than later? Will he take another run at Beth, or steer clear? Will Beth take him down if he does? What did you think of the main case? Sound off down below and I’ll see you next episode!