Forever Season 1 Review “Skinny Dipper”

Forever (ABC) Episode 11 Skinny Dipper (9)

Forever is a show that truly benefits from focusing on its overarching mythology. The show just feels more alive and interesting when Morgan has to match wits with his fellow immortal tormentor, like this is the show it wants to be instead of the generic procedural it so often is. Such was the case with “Skinny Dipper,” which revealed Morgan’s stalker and offered the potential for a new dynamic when the show returns in the spring.

All of this isn’t to say the show transforms into anything truly grand or remarkable when the focus shifts, just that it feels like a show with the potential to tell an interesting story. The big problem is that it continues to feel like a lesser version of other shows instead of something original. No matter how much the show lampshades it, there’s no forgiving that Morgan is essentially immortal Sherlock Holmes. And while it was nice to finally meet the mysterious Adam, his real identity as a psychiatrist who manipulated a patient into stalking Morgan felt like a low-rent version of a Hannibal storyline; ditto to the gruesome copycat autopsy.

Still, this episode did have some promising moments. For one, the flashback material was actually relevant this week, with Morgan’s torturous time at an ancient insane asylum informing us why he’s so reluctant to tell anyone, even someone he trusts, his secret. And again, given how little characterization Martinez has gotten this season, I can understand why he wouldn’t trust her. Heck, Hanson, with his joke gift for skinny dipping, has more personality. Still, they did take steps forward, with Morgan at least letting Martinez and the others in on part of the truth as far as his stalker was concerned.

So, as Forever comes to a close with this midseason finale, I’m certainly curious to see where the show goes next. Odds are that it’ll be back to procedural business as usual, even with the potential for a stronger overarching plot within its grasp. Again, I’m not saying the show would be anything original if it focused on the Sherlock/Moriarty battle between Morgan and Dr. Lewis Farber, but it could serve as the basis for something new and original, all with a Highlander twist. Not that Morgan would know anything about that part of it…

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