‘Castle’ (Season 7): Where Do We Go From Here?

Castle Season 7 Episode 10 Bad Santa (8)

With one simple statement – “You are no longer permitted to work at the NYPD” – from Captain Victoria Gates (series regular Penny Johnson-Jerald) to Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) and the fate of Castle could be changed forever.

Just as Castle and Kate (series lead Stana Katic) get settled into their married life, celebrating their first Christmas as man and wife – BAM! – this new revelation will definitely shake things up for the couple.

The reason for Castle getting sacked (so to speak) is because of his involvement in solving the team’s most recent case where a mob doctor was murdered. Rick helping solve a case isn’t unusual at all, but because he was forced (against his wishes) to work with an organized crime mob boss to bring the killer to justice the powers that be threw down the gauntlet, stating he had to go.

So where does this change leave Rick and Kate? He didn’t tell her what Captain Gates told him since the team was lighting the tree at the precinct and enjoying some egg nog, but the truth is going to have to come out.

As viewers noticed in the clip for the first new episode of 2015, it would seem that Castle will be getting his private investigator’s license and will be competing against the team to solve cases. But how long will that last or, to be more specific, can it last?

We all know Castle well enough by now (right?!) and he is going to get bored working on cases by himself and while Kate, Javier (series regular Jon Huertas) and Kevin (series regular Seamus Dever) are more than capable of working their cases without Castle, they have gotten accustomed to his being there to assist.

What do you think will happen for the cops and for Castle? Do you think that there will be a way for Castle to get reinstated? Make sure to share your ideas for Castle and the officers at the precinct in our comments section.

‘Castle’ is now on its holiday break, but it will be back with new episodes of its 7th season starting on Monday, January 12 at 10/9c.