The 100 Season 2 Review “Long Into an Abyss”

The 100 sure knows how to open an episode, huh? As if a fan could forget at this point, it always seems capable of reminding you quickly what a violent, unforgiving world this is. In “Long Into an Abyss,” we were treated to the sight of a Mount Weather citizen dying of radiation exposure, showing how far Dr. Tsing is willing to go to find a permanent way out of the base.

Usually, this is where I might ask if this is what’s she’s willing to do to her own people, how far will she treat outsiders? Thing is, we’ve already seen what they’ll do, with the Grounders being morphed into monstrous creatures and the 47 one wrong move from becoming caged test animals. As much has happened by hour’s end, as Tsing began drilling for bone marrow without the president’s blessing. This storyline confirmed that Mount Weather is ultimately the biggest threat on the show, even as the Camp Jaha/Grounder conflict came to a head.

Which is in no way meant to sell that conflict short, as it featured several major moments this week. The most significant, at least as far as the thematic arc of the season, was Abby finally putting absolute faith in Clarke, risking the safety of the entire camp because of her daughter’s gambit. It also meant Abby putting a huge rift between herself and Jaha, which’ll no doubt lead to more dramatic tension down the road.

The other major development was Clarke actually being able to form a truce with the Grounders. Admittedly, the science behind her ability to reverse the Reaper transformation was a bit shaky, but they really needed a win at this point. Also, it’s not exactly a perfect method, as Lincoln almost died during the process. On top of that, the truce isn’t even entirely set yet, as the Grounders, not surprisingly, want to exact justice on Finn for his massacre a few weeks back

Ironically, some of the most fun material came out of the most dangerous place this week, as Jasper led a secret mission inside of Mount Weather. A big part of this comes down to just what a goofball Jasper is, referring to himself as the plan’s mastermind and joyfully playing with a sheathed sword. Honestly, though, as dark as the show can get, it needs characters like Jasper and Monty providing those lighter moments, and it’s a big part of why that goggle-wearing nut is still my favorite character.

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