Scorpion Season 1 Review “Revenge”

Scorpion Episode 11 Revenge 04

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” the gang almost lost a key member when a seemingly-routine gig investigating a pseudo-robbery led to tragedy, in “Revenge.” It all began when a group of men in animal masks swarmed into a manufacturing plant specializing in safes and security systems and started shooting everyone in sight, only to leave with mere photographs of a particular safe and nothing much else. However, they did leave behind a surprise for an unsuspecting team member, as we soon would discover.

Enter Simone Taylor (Karolina Wydra, “True Blood” and “House”), a gorgeous Interpol agent who suspects it to be the work of an elite team led by the notorious Javier (Christian Ochoa, “Burn Notice”), who she’s been pursuing ever since he crippled her former partner years ago. Enlisting the team to assist, who already are developing a positive reputation among those in the know, she has them investigate the scene of the bizarre, seemingly pointless crime. Walter realizes that it was essentially a casing, as in the group were casing a safe with the intention of later cracking it at another location, likely a bank. But which bank?

Looking around, Sylvester spies a group of boxes that are out of order and jumbled up, and can’t resist putting them back in place because of his OCD tendencies, which sets off an explosive device that puts him into the hospital and in real danger of ending up brain dead, and/or in a coma, or potentially even dead altogether. As the doctors work furiously to help him, Walter assigns his sister Megan to keep an eye on things and keep him updated while the team begrudgingly gets back to work, in spite of the circumstances.

The team does their best to narrow down the potential banks with the safe that was cased inside, but there are a lot of them. Then they’re able to track down who made the bombs that injured Sly to the colorfully-named Dirty John Tucker (Ronnie Gene Blevins, “Kingdom”) and bring him in for questioning. Suspecting he won’t likely talk, the team pulls a fast one and plants Toby as a fellow suspect and Cabe fakes stabbing him in the line of questioning in front of Tucker, who subsequently folds like a chair and admits that Javier hired him to make the explosives. He also tells them how many he sold them, which further narrows down the search, as the leftover amount couldn’t possibly be used to blow the safe they cased.

Realizing that it was all a fake-out and that Javier’s team doesn’t plan to rob a bank at all, the team realizes they instead plan to hit an armored truck and figure out which one just in time to catch up to Javier’s team. Unfortunately, the attack has already happened and they have possession of the intended item, millions of dollars worth of diamonds, and have killed the guards in the process. The chase is on, and part of the team catches some of the bad guys, with a roadside assist from Happy, who opens up a fire hydrant and knocks some of Javier’s men off their motorcycles.

That leaves Javier himself, with Walter and Agent Taylor in hot pursuit. Walter catches up first and Javier goes to climb down a ladder when it breaks off and falls to the ground. Javier manages to get a hand up on the ledge and Walter rushes to help him, but hesitates and Javier falls to his death below. But did Walter hesitate because he wanted payback for what Javier did to Sly, or because he feared Javier would take him with him over the edge? A talk with Sly, who thankfully emerges from surgery alright and mental capabilities intact, confirms that there was nothing he could have done, but Walter is admittedly guilt-ridden, in spite of himself. He even turns down a golden opportunity to hook up with the delectable Taylor (maybe he saw what happened to Jason on “True Blood” and thought better of it, LOL).

It turns out that pretty much everyone ended up feeling a bit guilty about continuing to pursue the case while Sly was struggling for his life, as the entire team ends up back at the hospital, including Paige, who blows off a date with ex Drew to do so. Good on them, IMHO, though Walter in particular might be kicking himself over that one later. Oh well. We all know he’s hung up on Paige anyway, so it’s just as well.

All in all, a really enjoyable episode. I liked the chemistry between Walter and Taylor, and it showed that smarts can be sexy too, and without Walter having to compromise who he is, as he often does with Paige, not that she doesn’t have a point sometimes about his general demeanor. Still, Taylor accepted him as he was, and that goes to show there’s hope for him yet- even without compromise. That’s a good thing, I think. It also goes a long way towards showing that there might be a bird of a feather for Walter out there yet that isn’t Paige, and that’s also good.

Further, what happened to Sly, as tragic as it was, did serve to show how integral each member of the team is to the process, and how the loss of even one of them can result in problems, forcing the team to learn to think on their feet. That’s an important lesson, and one that expands on what happened last episode, in which the team was largely separated and had to learn to work independently of one another.

What did you think of “Scorpion” this week? Do you like the way the show keeps building on the lessons learned by the team from week to week? Do you think the team is learning, albeit slowly but surely? Do you think Walter and Paige will end up together? How about Happy and Toby? Or even Sly and Megan? What kind of case would you like to see the team tackle next? Sound off below and I’ll see you next time!