The Originals Season 2 Review “The Map of Moments”

The Originals Season 2 Episode 9 The Map of Moments 03

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” several good plans came together, but a few went awry, while another ended in a bit of a draw, depending on where you stand, I suppose, in the oddly-titled “The Map of Moments.” Plan one was Esther’s, plan two was Kol’s, and the final plan was a team effort, between Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and others, including assists from Cami, Davina, Marcel, and unlikely ally Kol- emphasis on the unlikely part, as we discovered in the end.

Esther’s plan was, of course, to talk her children into forgoing their vampire existences to become mortal again, and live the lives they were destined to before she interfered so long ago. But first they had to agree to it, and thus far, no one was biting, as it were. Esther felt her best bet was Rebekah, who had always enjoyed the company of humans and was the closest to being mortal- and desiring to be the real thing- of all her surviving children.

Klaus and Hayley arrived to Rebekah’s safe-house, where she and Elijah continued to keep watch over baby Hope, and a plan was formulated of their own. Rebekah would pose as being willing to take her mother up on her offer, and meanwhile, with the aid of witch Davina, and hopefully Kol, they would keep the actual transition of Rebekah into another person’s body- thought to be Cami- from happening, along with Esther’s own transition.

Kol agreed to play ball, in exchange for a few things: a diamond his brother Klaus had stolen from him long ago after he himself had stolen it from a widow named Dowager’s home; and the white oak stake to keep up appearances to his mother, which he promised to return after the plan was successfully completed. Everyone concerned agreed, but Kol, naturally, had a plan of his own.

In addition to needing the diamond to manufacture a dagger to defend himself against Klaus, should he try to betray him again (which he freely admitted to Marcel), he also had a longtime grudge against Rebekah that he didn’t share with the rest. It seems that he had conspired with her to get the diamond back, only to have her betray him to his brothers, directly resulting in his being daggered.

Also, when he stole the diamond, he had brought two witches with him, witches that were subsequently trapped forever in the aforementioned Dowager house by Klaus, with the aid of another witch. He’d also been romantically involved with yet another witch, a relationship that was cut short when Rebekah betrayed him and he was daggered.

Needless to say, with so many balls in the air, so much at stake, and so many hidden agendas afoot, something was bound to go sideways and some things did. On the plus side, Team Mikaelson was able to block Rebekah from entering Cami, as Esther intended, and she emerged safe and unscathed, after the spell was finished.

Also a plus, Klaus intervened when it was discovered that Esther had pulled a fast one in that, once her spell was begun, it could not be stopped until its completion- or her death. Klaus happily volunteered his services for the latter, only, unbeknownst to her, Rebekah had slipped some of her blood into Esther’s wine shortly before her death.

Ergo, she was given a choice: either she fed on the blood Klaus provided for her and become what she so despised- a vampire; or she simply could refuse the blood and let herself die as a witch- but this time, there would be no coming back, as she was successfully trapped in her own skin, as that part of the plan did indeed work. We don’t yet know how that turned out, but we do know that Esther made a side deal with Mikael that he could kill Klaus himself- but for what exactly? What did Esther get out of it? That remains to be seen.

However, we do know Rebekah’s fate, and it wasn’t pretty. While her body was left behind, and the brothers were able to store it safely away until her soul (or whatever you want to call it) was found, it seems that Kol had pulled a fast one, and deposited her into one of the aforementioned witches trapped in the Dowager home. Therefore, Rebekah is trapped in said home until someone can break the spell, and Kol isn’t likely to divulge the “where” of Rebekah’s actual location anytime soon.

He did, however, return the white oak stake as promised, and he did keep his mother from transitioning to another body, albeit with Davina’s help, so it wasn’t like he lied completely- he just conveniently omitted a key bit of info, you know? Let’s face it, Rebekah probably had some karmic justice coming her way anyway, given all the stuff she’s done in her long lifetimes.

Also, it manages to keep that character in play in another body, which frees actress Claire Holt to pursue other projects like she wanted, while still keeping one foot firmly in the “Originals”-verse. Rumor has it, she’s a leading contender for the proposed “Supergirl” TV series in the lead role- not a bad choice, if you ask me- though I’d be open to other possibilities…perhaps Amber Heard? Maybe even Kristen Bell?

All in all, a pretty great episode. I love it when the show gets complex on us, plotting-wise, and this definitely fit that bill. There was a lot of stuff going on here, and a lot of possibilities on how the chips might fall. I’m good with the way they did, as it was, as I mentioned, neither an across-the-board win for any of the various teams, nor a complete loss, either. Sure, Rebekah and Esther paid a steep price, but that’s what happens when you tempt fate. I’ll leave it to you readers to determine how you feel about all this personally, but I’m good with it.

To that end, what did you think of “The Originals” finale? Are you happy with the way it turned out, or did you hate to see certain things go down the way they did? Do you feel bad for Rebekah? Will Klaus figure out where she really is and free her? What choice do you think Esther will make? What else was going on with Esther’s deal with Mikael? What will Davina and Kol get up to next? Do you prefer this show to its sister show, “The Vampire Diaries”? (I do, personally.) What do you predict will happen next? Will Dahlia come after baby Hope? Sound off below and I’ll see you next episode!