NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Reign Fall”

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 10 Reign Fall 04

“Reign Fall” was a nice bounce back to form for NCIS: LA after the disappointing “Traitor” two weeks ago. In fact, I would consider it one of the strongest episodes of the season so far. The beginning threw me off a bit, with the unnecessary scene of Deeks and Kensi interrogating the basketball player, but once it got on the path of marine fathers being targeted, the ball got rolling. And for NCIS: LA to be a mostly light procedural, I’m glad that it tackled the heavy issue of parenting in the military.

We don’t see a first hand account of Bobby, the stepfather of David and Richard Mills. Was he just a strict military man? Was he a jerk? Probably a bit of both. Suffice to say, he did not have a positive impact on David. That being said, David obviously had his own issues as well. Bobby could have been a better parental figure, yet what David failed to understand was that aspect of his stepfather’s personality is not mutually exclusive with every father in the military. A bad parent can come from anywhere. And good parenting is not easy.

I thought Callen stated it quite deftly at the end of the episode saying, “Sometimes it takes a rock and a feather for balance.” Sam turned out to be a good man. Gunnery Sergeant Mike Johnson not only loves but admires his son, Devin. We didn’t get to see Marine Master Sergeant Shawn Lewis interact with Brian, his son, but it’s probably a similar situation. You do what you can. And what a nice moment with Sam calling his father at the end to say hello.

More Thoughts as I Order an Apple Juice

– The other aspect of this episode I thoroughly enjoyed was that it didn’t revolve around stolen technology or crazy gadgets. NCIS: LA tends to focus heavily on those which made this a refreshing change of pace.

– I’m a huge Disney person, yet Sulley never crossed my mind as the character Sam picked for his daughter’s party. And what a perfect choice to exemplify his personality. Kitty!

– Speaking of a rock and a feather… There is a great American Dad episode where Stan clones Steve so he and Francine can each raise a Steve their own way. Let’s just say Stan’s way is the rock and Francine’s the feather, and neither work out well.

– Hi, can I live in basketball guy’s house?