The Flash Season 1 Review “The Man in the Yellow Suit”

It continues to amaze me how strong a first season The Flash has had. From the huge amounts of chemistry between the cast members to the pervasive sense of fun that just radiates off of it. And while it wasn’t the best midseason finale this month – did you see that episode of Agents of SHIELD? – “The Man in the Yellow Suit” was yet another great episode, pushing the overall mythology of the series forward while also offering some genuine dramatic weight.

As the title suggests, this episode was all about the return of the mysterious speedster that killed Barry’s mother. Eventually being dubbed by his comic book name Reverse-Flash, the man in the yellow suit brought an even darker tone to the series than last week’s visitors from Starling City. Barry was unable to bring his A-game because he was so consumed with rage and a desire for revenge. It was an element that all of Barry’s father figures noticed, with his actual father finally advising him to let the burden go and focus on living his life.

Of course, this didn’t mean Barry was about to let Reverse-Flash go, which led to a great battle between the two in the parking lot – and, briefly, the sky – outside STAR Labs. It’s admittedly a bit funny to watch two speedsters go at it, as I definitely got a DragonBall Z vibe from it, but the slow motion blows were well done. It was also good to see Barry get a beat down from a more experienced metahuman, showing that for all of his progress, he still has a long way to go. In the end, he was helped out by Ronnie, now going by Firestorm, offering a nice dovetail with the episode’s B-plot.

With everyone else getting some dramatic scenes, it was nice to see Caitlin and Cisco dealing with the Ronnie issue. Not only did Caitlin get a chance to vent her frustration, but it went a long way to cementing best friend relationship with Cisco. The two play well off of one another, and it’s nice to see them get the chance to carry their own storyline, one that’ll get more development when the show returns from hiatus.

Really, this whole episode was built around strong interactions, from the tense standoff between the cops and Reverse-Flash to the heartfelt conversation between Barry and Joe. Perhaps the most emotional moment, though, was Barry’s admission of love to Iris. What made it work for me was that it wasn’t done in some last-ditch attempt to win her over, but as part of Barry’s desire to own up to how he’s let his mother’s murder dominate his life.

If there was a frustrating part about this finale, it was that the answer of who the Reverse-Flash really is wasn’t quite answered. Sure, we saw Wells has the Reverse-Flash outfit and spoke in the voice, but… still, the question is there for me. I’ll be looking for an official word from producers one way or another. Oh, and I’m not saying that he can’t be because Reverse-Flash beat up Harrison because with time travel, that’s an entirely plausible way for him to cover for himself.

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