Castle Season 7 Review “Bad Santa”

Castle Season 7 Episode 10 Bad Santa (8)

This week’s winter finale of Castle was all about one “Bad Santa”. The jolly impersonator must have been low on sugar or something worse as he gunned down a doctor in the street. Or as Castle theorizes, Santa finally lost it due to the pressure! It’s not too long before it is discovered that the doctor works for mobster Dino Scarpella. As fans know best, he is also friendly (on occasion) with Castle.

And just as the case looks like it will wrap up nicely, Castle ends up on the receiving end of bad news – he has been banned from the precinct due to his mob connections and by the episode’s close had yet to tell Beckett the unbelievable news. Definitely an unexpected twist and the perfect mini cliff hanger to get under the skin of castle fans over the holiday season while we wait for the series to make its return!

In other Castle happenings, we met the parents’ of Lanie who we discovered is engaged….to Esposito? Apparently, she’s sick of dealing with her medaling parents so faking an engagement was the best way to get them off her back. Ryan even jumps in on the pretend storyline with a romantic tale of how the two’s engagement went down. He’s always been the softer one!

As for the Christmas season, I love holidays on Castle. Rick is like the male version of Martha Stewart and always does things right. Although, a poetry contest doesn’t seem too appealing, but nonetheless, Beckett gets involved in the annual family tradition and does well.

Until next year Castle fans! What did you think of the winter finale? Is Rick gone for good from the precinct? Leave your thoughts below.