POLL: Which is Your Favorite ‘Ship on Haven?

Duke, Audrey, Dwight, Nathan, Charlotte, Jennifer, Mara, William - Haven

Warning – this article contains spoilers from the two most recent episodes of Haven’s season 5 to air.

For those of your unfamiliar with the term, in the world of online discussions and fan sites, “ship” refers to “relationships” between characters, predominantly romantic in nature. So when two characters on a TV program are “shipped” it means they are a couple.

I have said it many times, but it bears repeating; I am not a huge fan of romantic relationships between two main characters of an action/adventure series. I think it distracts and detracts from the action. There are some exceptions that do work well, i.e. Beckett and Castle, but for the most part the entanglements on action shows just waste valuable time as the protagonists make dangerous decisions in order to protect their love interest. This leads to a lot of hand wringing and angst as they subsequently break up to protect their lover from harm. I find this trope annoying.

That said, on Haven there is a lot of hooking up so I thought we might as well look at some of the pairings to see which ones you the fans might like.

Audrey and Nathan

Nathan and Audrey - Haven

Clearly this pairing is the favorite child of the show runners. Since the characters first met, and their relationship grew from antagonistic to working partners to much more, it has been clear to see the plan at work.

Of course, we have also seen the many bad choices as each one puts the town at risk to save the other. But, then, that is the nature of love, right? It is on TV at least…

Audrey and Duke

Duke and Audrey - Haven

Ok, so Duke might as well be the poster child for bad luck when it comes to love. During the third season, on a trip to Colorado in search of the Colorado Kid’s parents, Audrey, in a moment of drunken weakness kisses Duke. It does not go any further than that – bad luck for Duke. But the kiss does come back to haunt Duke in season 5 when Nathan is told about it by Mara after he and Duke have switched bodies.

Yeah, it’s confusing, but that’s love for you!

Duke and Mara

Duke and Mara - Haven

We all know that Mara was playing Duke, but come on, admit it, they did make an interesting couple however brief it was. Duke is not your typical gullible Gus, but of course we know how expert Mara is at manipulating people. So of course the outcome was inevitable.

This makes Duke 2 for 2. Let’s go for the trifecta!

Duke and Jennifer

Duke and Jennifer - Haven

Poor Jennifer – may she rest in peace! While she was alive, she and Duke did seem to have something genuine. That of course makes her death all the more tragic. Yes, our poor hapless Duke lost his one true love during the season 4 finale. She did however manage to first send William back through the portal and thus save the town.

Like I said, poor Duke!

Dwight and Charlotte

Dwight and Charlotte - Haven

Ah, Dwight. I guess it was time for him to have a love interest. He is currently divorced, and has definitely fallen for Charlotte. The main question in my mind was whether or not she was using him. After the reveal in the penultimate episode of the 5th season that she was Audrey’s mom – or rather Mara’s mom – it became clear she has been using him.

Dwight and Duke should form some kind of support group…

Mara and William

Mara and William - Haven

Ah yes, the original bad boy and girl, the people that started it all! Yes, these two definitely made Santa’s naughty list. The two of them created the Troubles and then experimented on humans like guinea pigs. They seem to be a match made in hell, or at least wherever they came from.

We don’t really know that much about William, and I am hoping in the second half of season 5 – or maybe it should be called season 6 since it will not air until next year? – there will be some more back-story on William.

Mystery Couple

couple graphic

Did I miss someone? Is there another couple that you think should be mentioned? If so, then vote here and tell me who I forgot about in the comments section below.


So, now I need to tell you my choice for favorite ‘ship. I’m going to go with William and Mara. Yes, they are evil, but I am intrigued by them probably due to the lack of information. Hopefully we will get some flashbacks to help fill in the blanks in the back half of season 5.

Who did you vote for? Why? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!