Homeland Season 4 Review “13 Hours in Islamabad”

Homeland Season 4 Episode 10 13 Hours in Islamabad 01

I had a feeling this one was going to sting- and sting it did, albeit not in the way I expected. In the latest episode of “Homeland,” after a painfully long Thanksgiving break for a couple of weeks, we finally got to see the fate of Carrie and Saul, in the self-explanatorily-titled episode “13 Hours in Islamabad.”

As expected, Carrie made it out fine, as did Saul, whose fate I was a little less assured about. Indeed, I was so convinced they were pulling a bait-and-switch and were going to kill him anyway at some point later in the episode that I basically stayed on the edge of my seat throughout the episode whenever he was on screen. This wasn’t exactly helped by the advent of snipers after Carrie and Saul made it out safely of the bombed car they were previously in.

Factor in Tasneem insisting that Khan not call in back-up just yet, and I thought for sure Saul was doomed nearly every step of the way, save maybe as he boarded the car taking him to the airport and out of town- and even then, I was still a bit jumpy, as if the car might explode…again. (If they’d shown his plane taking off after, I probably would have thought that was going to blow up too, if I’m being honest.)

Instead, the knife to the gut came later, as Haqqani’s team burst into the control room and started blowing everyone away, save a few hostages, in case they needed them- and you just knew they would, eventually. Among them, two key members of Carrie’s team: Max (Maury Sterling) and Fara (Nazanin Boniadi). As all this was going down, a team member was able to get a key piece of information to Director Lockhart, a list assembled by the late Sandy Bachman of all the local people who’d helped the Embassy in the past- which was, of course, exactly what Haqqani was there for.

Lockhart was able to get himself to the so-called Vault, a panic room-type enclosure with a more-or-less impenetrable safe-locked door that was coded from within. Unfortunately, Haqqani took the aforementioned hostages to the room outside said door and announced he was going to start shooting hostages one by one unless Lockhart turned over the list, then proceeded to do just that. I had a feeling what was going to happen just before it did, but I hoped it wouldn’t- which is exactly why I knew it totally was going to.

Oh, let’s be honest here. Yes, it would have been sad to see Max go- he’s been on Team Carrie for many a moon. But no one likes to see a woman in trouble, and the minute Haqqani saw her and the color of her skin…you just knew she was doomed, whether Lockhart turned over that list or not. The show played it beautifully, though, as Lockhart overrode the Ambassador’s wishes to stay put- even going so far as to toss her to the ground for interfering- before delivering the list, only to see Haqqani kill Fara anyway, in most brutal fashion, via knife. I don’t know about you, but I was more than a little upset by this, enough to cry out, which is exactly what I did.

Honestly, I get why they did it, as it was emotionally the right choice under the given circumstances. Losing Max would have hurt- but losing Fara…that stung- for me, at least. I thought for sure she was being groomed for bigger and better things, given how pro-active she’s been this season. Sure, she had her hesitant moments here and there, and Carrie was certainly way too hard on her at times (as she later acknowledged), but she also was instrumental in breaking the case. I’d even go so far as to say the case would have been dead in the water if she hadn’t gone above and beyond in following the late Aayan, which is how they found out Haqqani was alive in the first place. She will certainly be missed.

All told, nearly forty people lost their lives, making this an undeniable win all around for Haqqani, who not only got away, he got the list to boot. I certainly do not blame Quinn for going rogue and sneaking out of the Embassy to go after him. Not only that, but I hope he gets him, and I don’t mean arrests, either. This a-hole needs to be deep-sixed ASAP, before he can do any more damage. Having the list is bad enough, but having all those prisoners back on his team is even worse. Indeed, if Quinn doesn’t stop it, there’s no telling just how bad things will get on down the line.

My prediction: Quinn will get his man, but not all of his released prisoner co-conspirators, which will leave them to start the madness anew, once they have a chance to regroup and hatch another plan, which you just know is going to happen. I think the next season will revolve around Carrie and company trying to keep the people on that list safe, while at the same time trying to foil whatever master plan the survivors of Quinn’s wrath cook up to avenge Haqqani’s death.

That said, this has certainly been a fine season thus far, and I have no reason whatsoever to think it won’t end just as strongly. Only two episodes left after all, and the last few have been amongst the best the show has ever produced, IMHO. It’s certainly been the most unpredictable since the first season, or at the very least the second, but that was more in terms of the final episode than anything else (the bombing of the CIA headquarters).

Yes, the big twist last season was near-impossible to see coming, but that’s mostly because it was more than a little ludicrous. This season, the plotting was spot-on, and all-too-believable. Indeed, the show has been so well-executed this season, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if my prediction was way off the mark- and that would be fine by me.

So, great episode all around, I thought. I hate to see Fara go, but if she must go out, at least she went out strong. Hopefully, her death won’t be in vain. God speed, Quinn. I genuinely hope you get your man. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but hopefully that won’t be the case here. This guy needs to go down, not go to jail. Who’s with me?

What did you think of “Homeland” this week? Did you predict what was going to happen, or did it capture you by surprise as well? Will you miss Fara? Will Quinn get Haqqani, or will he get away? If he doesn’t, will the list be successfully recovered? If it isn’t, what will his people do next? Make your predictions down below and I’ll see you next week!