Haven Season 5 Review “Chosen”

Haven Season 5 Episode 13 Chosen (5)

The season finale of Haven finally provided many answers to some of our most burning questions. We learned a lot about Mara and her family drama, and got an explanation of the other realm. This was everything I’d been hoping for, but I wish they could have doled it out a couple episodes earlier, rather than pile it all into one episode. Let’s break it down.

I’m not entirely clear on why Mara came to our world. It was either for love or from the loss of her dad. It’s a little fuzzy still. We didn’t get any useful information on how William fit into the exodus, and the “daddy” references were cryptic. But, we know that Mara came to our world, did bad things, and was punished by her mother for 500 years. Finally! A barn explanation!

We also found out why Mara is so bad. Audrey embodies the good aspects of Mara’s personality. Without those, Mara is left with pure evil. Charlotte’s solution is to reunite Audrey and Mara, which will destroy Audrey as an independent being, but reincorporate her into Mara. Audrey agrees to this in order to save Haven. Surprisingly, Nathan respects her decision. When it comes time to meld the two together, though, Charlotte changes her mind and obliterates Mara. I’m a little sad to see Mara go. She was such a fun character, but it probably was a good decision. This should mean that Audrey will forever be Audrey now—no more Lexie or Sarah or any other identity. Does this also mean that Audrey is mortal in that she will grow old and die? Also, will Charlotte now stay in town since she doesn’t have to take Mara home? That will make Dwight happy.

Unfortunately, Mara leaves behind a horrifying legacy. She turned Duke into a Trouble bomb, and even though she turned off his powers, her death triggered Duke’s explosion.

Duke’s had a rough journey this season. Mostly, he’s felt sorry for himself and worried that his friends are going to betray him. When Duke reveals to Nathan that he’s willing to go into the Void to save Haven, the two have a very nice moment. I hope that Duke now understands that Nathan and Audrey are his family. He did look disappointed when he saw that Mara was gone, though. Maybe with the loss of Jennifer and now Mara, Duke should take a break from the ladies.

Duke’s explosion has now infected every member of Haven with some new and terrible Trouble. That’s going to be a big mess to clean up when the show returns next year.

We finally got a semi-satisfying Mara/Audrey confrontation. It was just unfair that Audrey was sickly and couldn’t defend herself. I loved Mara’s one liners about Audrey’s hair and make up.

We also find out that Charlotte isn’t exactly Audrey’s mother. Technically, she is because Audrey is a piece of Mara. But, emotionally, Charlotte is Mara’s mother. I thought they did a good job of making the mother/daughter relationship believable – particularly since the actresses are only one year apart in age.

We got a happy Nathan/Audrey ending, which was a relief. I’m not sure I could’ve taken more separation anxiety with those two. They are meant to be together and it looks like they will be going forward.

There are still things that we don’t know, such as the meaning behind Dave’s visions. Since the talk about Mara’s dad was thrown in at the last minute, I’m assuming that it will have something to do with him.

Syfy dubbed the episode the “mid-season finale,” which I completely reject. If the show doesn’t return until next September, then this is a season finale. If the show picked back up in February, I’d agree that it was a mid-season finale. I know it’s a matter of semantics and maybe there are some behind the scenes contractual reason why they’re calling this year and next year’s episodes a single season. Regardless, the bottom line is that fans are going to have to wait too long for the next season. [Insert Anakin/Darth Vader scream]