‘Grimm’ Season 4 Review “The Grimm Who Stole Christmas”

Grimm Season 4 Episode 7 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas (4)

Rosalee and Monroe really know how to do Christmas right. Their house was filled with decorations, plenty of spirit and an impressive train set! The biggest holiday of the year came early for Grimm last night. The festive episode featured little Greek goblins (I won’t even try to spell the official term for these monsters) who terrorized local residents just trying to enjoy the holidays. They were fast moving, scary and destructive and surprisingly just innocent children who morphed into the hairy green eyed beings at night.

Watching Nick and Hank capture one was hilarious, as the little guy threw a plastic Christmas figurine at them from a roof top. They also terrorized Rosalee and Juliette who had to lock themselves in the house in an attempt to get away. After researching the little goblins origins, Nick and Hank were able to put them down by locking them in a truck full of fruitcakes. The little hairballs went crazy over indulging and by morning were back to themselves.

In other happenings, Juliette could really be pregnant after all! She confides in Rosalee that there is a chance and what happens if she conceived while she was transformed into Adalind?

Meanwhile, Wu is starting to figure things out for himself. Not too much is revealed, but during the episode we see him looking at drawings of monsters and a sketch of one of the goblins Nick and Hank were hunting down. This can’t be good.

In what was the saddest scenes of the night we saw Truble leave town with Josh. She is a great character and it was hard to see her go. She didn’t want to say goodbye to the gang, but hugged Nick tight. Hopefully she will be back. She really helped round out the circle of friends and never seemed like a fifth wheel.

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