Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “Transport is Arranged”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 11 Trigger Cut (18)

As it’s done the whole season so far, Covert Affairs covered ground this episode with breakneck speed. In the past (or on a multitude of other shows), it wouldn’t surprise me to see Auggie’s capture be drawn out. Going that route can have its benefits, but more often than not the result is a broken record player of the same thing happening over and over again (example: all of Theon’s arc on Game of Thrones Season 3). Instead, the audience became privy to everything we needed to know in one outing. Belenko has targeted Auggie and the members of his team because their actions resulted in the death of his brother, Mikhail. There is one more person left on Belenko’s list: James Decker, an undercover CIA operative who infiltrated the Chechen army, was involved in the prisoner exchange and blew his cover, and went dark as a result. Natasha was brought in to the mix again after being kidnapped by Belenko’s men in Budapest. And Stephanie was shot by Allen Langer aka the Dog Walker. There was no doubt that Auggie and Natasha would make it out alive. Having done that, he is now able to work with Annie again to find Decker before Belenko does.

More Thoughts as I Use Some Samsung Cellphones to Get out of a Jam

– I hope the context of Belenko’s call at the end of the episode is revealed soon. My guess is it pertains to the whereabouts of Decker. I don’t see him just leaving Auggie if he still had information to gain. If Belenko got the 411 on Decker though, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him leave Auggie and Natasha knowing that the Americans would discover the apartment location and possibly neutralize it.

– Annie is indeed not the same girl who entered the CIA anymore. Even McQuaid was startled at her handling of Omar. Granted, Olga’s death has made the situation even more dire. Annie could have prevented that and she doesn’t want the same to happen to Auggie, a person she cares about even more.

– I’ve been saying it for weeks and it finally happened: Stephanie was discovered as a CIA asset. It is a truth universally told that once a character who was dull or problematic becomes interesting, he/she will die. Stephanie isn’t dead yet, but I do wonder how much longer she has. My guess is Mashcov deduced she was an asset and told Belenko.

– Along with Auggie, James, Tony, Nathan, and Charlie, there was another member of the team: Dale.

– I figured Belenko was out for revenge due to the death of a loved one. My thought was a wife or girlfriend though. And not that I have a problem with the revenge angle, but it’s just done so often.

– Peter Gallagher continues to be amazing as Arthur. I just want to see that man on everything.

– Belenko’s two inept guards: I expect better from you, Covert Affairs.

– I love how the Commander of the Navy SEALS told Joan he doesn’t run operations on a hunch or emotions aka the two things that Annie Walker always does.

– The picture shown is not from this episode, but I liked the rapport between Auggie and Tony so much that I decided to use it.