Bones Season 10 Review “The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator” – Wendell Moves On


In this episode of Bones, called “The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator,” Booth is stuck behind his desk and Wendell has some problems moving on with his life.

Okay, so I’m not usually someone who jumps on bandwagons when it comes to TV shows. Often, when a good portion of a show’s fanbase feels something very strongly, I try to step back and look at it from a wider point of view. Since I’m both a fan and a reviewer (I hate the word “critic”), I like to stay as neutral as possible.

So when I noticed that a lot of fans were commenting on the lack of Booth/Bones interaction this season, I stayed out of it. After all, there were some legitimate reasons for them to not be working so closely on cases this season. First there was Booth’s time in prison, then him being fired from the FBI for a while, then Sweets’ tragic death, which led to Aubrey needing to come on board and get some training.

All of those opinions changed with this episode. Enough time has passed and those other issues should be resolved. There’s no reason for Booth and Brennan to continue to be apart during cases and this week’s excuse sent me over the edge. I mean come on, Booth in online traffic school?? While it was somewhat funny, I found that bit so ridiculous that I could barely watch the screen every time we went back to him and that silly computer cop.

I can only hope that next week’s 200th episode will see an end to all this. Maybe they’ve been keeping Booth and Brennan apart so that we can really enjoy watching them rekindle their flame as brand-new characters. I’m going to hope for that and wait to see what happens.

As for the rest of the story, I was wondering what was up with Wendell and his new girl. When he mentioned that things were moving really fast and then she started texting him incessantly, I thought we might be heading into a stalker sort of situation. Considering all he’s been through, I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be that. Instead, Wendell was simply having a hard time moving forward with his life (and love) now that his cancer is in remission. He needed to be reminded that anything can happen to anyone at any time and there’s no point living your life in fear. It was a good lesson for him to get and I hope he has a lot happiness coming in his future. He definitely deserves it.

My favorite bits:

Wendell remarking that he was starting to get hungry as Hodgins was listing off the victim’s stomach contents.

Brennan needing to be reminded that it was the last day of Wendell’s medical trial.

Booth claiming he only had a “couple” traffic tickets. Ha!

Booth: “Enough of the squint talk. If I wanted to talk squint, I would go to SquintLand.”

Hodgins comparing looking in a trash can to looking in a cereal box for a prize.

Hodgins finding his new least favorite pizza topping. Pepperoni and diapers, anyone?

Those kids coming flying down that hill and Brennan catching the skull. That was all kinds of awesome.

Aubrey guessing that warmth wasn’t really Brennan’s thing.

Aubrey telling the ladies that he was the “super police.”

Wendell spotting that Andie was making up her own questions for the satisfaction survey.

Hodgins and Wendell getting prepared to deal with a wild animal and finding Skinner the cat.

Aubrey accusing Booth of having a sadistic streak.

Hodgins performing his experiment for Skinner. That cat was hilarious.

Angela and Cam’s reactions to Hodgins drawing his own blood.

Wendell asking Andie if it was okay to kiss her. That was so sweet.

Hodgins: “Let there not be light!”

Cam noticing that Wendell was most definitely not fine.

Brennan actually getting an answer wrong on a test. WHOA.

Wendell finally admitting to Andie what was bothering him. I loved her story about her aunt and uncle.

Wendell not caring one bit that his boss had just caught him kissing in the office.

Brennan and Aubrey speaking short-hand in front of Booth and making him nuts. That was great.

Booth thanking Brennan for giving him something to hold over her head.

Booth pointing out that Brennan’s driving was less like The Fast and the Furious and more like The Slow and the Serious.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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  • zagsfan

    I still think Andie is stalkerish. Who would text somebody so many times when they’re at work and then whine that they haven’t responded right away? I want Wendell to be happy and in love, but I’m not sure about her. I love the growing relationship between Aubrey and Brennan. It could be that there was less of Botth since David Boreanaz is directing the next episode.