The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks”

The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 10 Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks 02

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the amusingly titled “Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks,” and we’re really getting down to the nitty gritty now! We have four formidable teams left, and The Dentists lost their Save last week, so there’s no room for error now. I kind of wish we didn’t have a non-elimination leg, but what are you gonna do?

The episode got off to a rather frustrating start, when everybody but The Dentists got on an earlier flight to Manila. They made a huge deal about The Dentists not going straight to a travel agent, and deciding to get to the airport, and then it bit them in the butt when they showed up and realized they would be about 50 minutes behind everyone else. They were really playing up this time differential, but then when they got to Manila they find out that there’s an equalizer! They all had to wait until 6:30 AM to get their clue anyway! What’s the point of adding all of that drama to who gets on which flight if you’re going to equalize them all anyway?!

The Detours were a bit of a disappointment as well. The “Catch” side, where you had to wade out into the rough Philippine waters to scoop fish out of a net, was definitely the more visually interesting one. When Phil first said you had to go fishing, I thought it would be the boring casting of a line and all, but seeing Brooke and Robbie getting pelted with waves and hauling the fish through the dirty waters was great. Unfortunately, only one team chose it, with the rest choosing the “Coach” side where you fix a tuk-tuk. All of these detail oriented Detours might be easier to complete for those brainy types, but they sure aren’t very fun to watch. It’s hard to get a gauge on their progress, too. At least with the fish we can clearly see that they have one, two, or three baskets full.

Thankfully they made up for the underwhelming Detour with another Amazing Race Switchback, and this one was a flashback to the great season five meltdown from Colin Quinn. Most fans of this show will remember Colin’s epic “My ox is broken” meltdown, so it was fun to get a little flashback about that. I would have enjoyed getting a few more Switchback challenges with this being the 25th season. It was a little odd that the fields were all different sizes, though. It doesn’t seem fair that Brooke and Robbie had to search in a much larger area, but on the other hand, it was stupid of them not to pick one of the smaller fields since they had first dibs.

The races to the finish line were a lot of fun tonight, with there being a footrace for both first place and to avoid last place. Brooke and Robbie were the beneficiaries of the final non-elimination leg of the season, so we’re really down to the home stretch now!

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Random Thoughts:

– It always kinda makes me laugh when everybody gets a clue at the same time, and whoever opens the envelope first is listed as the first place team. So what, they were the fastest one to rip open their envelope?

– I always feel a bit uncomfortable when contestants start complaining about how gross these foreign countries are. I just hope these people can’t speak English!

– It’s got to be the worst feeling in the world to not only be so close to first place, but to have to stand there while first place finds out what they won!