Red Band Society Season 1 Review “What I Did For Love”

Red Band Society episode 10 What I Did For Love (5)

This episode of Red Band Society, the final of 2014, leaves us in a weird place. With only three more episodes to come after the break and a very slim chance of a season two, what really has the show done with these first ten hours? Where and who are the characters now compared to when we started?

Well, the show has been all over the place, even if some moments have been really great. It’s a mixed bag of stuff, but at least its trying to do some interesting things. It’s a show that feels like it cares about its characters, but isn’t afraid to completely veer off into another direction if something isn’t working. Some people find that off-putting, but I actually find it incredibly endearing.

As I say, there has been a lot of stuff that hasn’t worked. Jordi still doesn’t feel to me like a real, fleshed out character, and it doesn’t help that he’s been saddled with the worst storylines ever. He’s a drug pusher now? Way to sensationalise the matter of emancipation into something we can all dismiss as soap opera nonsense. This could have been so much more, but right now I just want it to go away.

But at least he gets more than Dash, who’s become a victim of the show’s tonal shift away from comedy towards teen drama territory. I’m not adverse to having him hang around in the background, but sometimes wish he was a bit more of a focus.

But the reason we’re all here is Kara, Leo and Emma, who have undoubtedly become the leads of the show over the last couple of weeks. With Leo and Kara it was always there, but Emma has improved tremendously.

As soon as Red Band Society started taking her illness seriously and really started to address the issues between her and Leo, it saved the show for me. It’s the least uncomplicated and watered-down storyline on the series, and seeing Emma’s home life this week was really great. We got to see how being outside of the hospital bubble could actually feel more stifling rather than less, which immediately reinforces the entire mission statement of the show.

And, as allergic to love triangles as I am, I don’t hate the one between Leo, Kara and Emma. All three dynamics are well-defined by this point, and the chemistry between Kara and Leo is pretty undeniable.

I’m not entirely sure what the ramifications of their actions will be, aside from a healthy dose of guilt for both of them, but it’s a situation where I kind of like not knowing. We can just wallow in the seeing the show’s four best characters interact with each other when we return, which is what Red Band Society should always have been – watching great characters deal with difficult situations.

What did you think of the episode? How much do we hate Dr McAndrew? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.