Survivor Season 29 Review “Kind of Like Cream Cheese; Still Holdin’ On”

Survivor Blood vs. Water Season 29 Episode 11 Kind of Like Cream Cheese 06

Look, I love Survivor just as much as you do. You sniffed out a Survivor review on the Internet because you’re a big fan of the show, and you want to see what another fan thought about it, and that’s great. With that said, two hours straight of this show is a little daunting for me. I think one hour a week is enough for me. It’s a good thing both episodes tonight were pretty solid.

The first episode, strangely titled “Kind of Like Cream Cheese”, got off to a strange start when Jon and Jaclyn got in a bit of a tizzy when Jon told his girlfriend not to give credit to Natalie for telling him to play his idol. This was a weirdly selfish thing for Jon to say, who’s been mostly levelheaded and humble thus far. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that somebody else helped you out. Nobody wins Survivor all by themselves, and jury members know that. They aren’t going to ding you for playing well with a team!

The reward challenge was pretty weird. The game itself was kind of strange, asking actual trivia questions about players of the game. Usually they ask questions like “Who is the laziest person in the camp?” and then they all guess who the most popular answer was. It was kind of fun to hear actual trivia about some of the players, but then the game ended after only two questions!

Again, Jeff Probst shows just how completely in control of this game he is, as he makes the executive decision to forego the rest of the game and let Missy win. Reed gets kind of snippy with Baylor, and Missy gets needlessly defensive about it. It doesn’t really help your 20-something year old daughter look like less of a spoiled brat if you spring to her defense, Missy. Let her defend herself! Missy continues her bad decision making when she chooses to take Natalie on the horseback riding reward with her daughter, instead of Jaclyn. She should have realized that taking Jaclyn on the reward is just as good as taking both her and Jon. You would endear yourself to two people, not just one! Instead she left her alone with three convincing people. Not a good call.

The scenes between Alec and Jaclyn were pretty weird. I don’t think Jaclyn was flirting with him, or at least not intentionally, but Alec was definitely flirting with her. You’d think she would have been a little more aware that she was putting out those vibes and put a stop to it. The good news is that this gave the cameramen a few more excuses for gratuitous body shots of Jaclyn, a pattern that they continued through the rest of the episode.

At first I thought that Jaclyn was being so chummy with Alec because she was missing her boyfriend, but that was definitely not the case when Jon got back from Exile (with another idol!)! Maybe it was just edited weird, but it didn’t look to me like Jon snapped at Jaclyn that badly. If he did snap at her, it didn’t seem like it was worth a 5 hour silent treatment. I think both of them were being pretty darn immature about the whole thing. Jaclyn was giving him the silent treatment for way too long when they’re in the middle of a freakin’ game of Survivor, and she needs to buck up and talk to her closest ally. Then, when she finally decides to talk to Jon, he decides that he’s too mad now and doesn’t want to talk! Are you kidding me?! Get over yourselves!

Despite all of their squabbling, Jon and Jaclyn are yet again the two swing votes and they get to decide which group of three they want to side with. In the end they decide to stick with Missy, Baylor, and Natalie. Reed is sent off to Ponderosa to reunite with his boyfriend, and Jon and Jaclyn say “I love you” to each other! So…hooray! Happy ending!

Oh but wait, there’s a whole other episode to watch! The second episode weirdly started immediately after Reed was ousted and said his goodbye message. In fact, “Still Holdin’ On” started at the 58 minute mark of the first hour! Anyway, Jon and Jaclyn really have appeared to solve their problems, so I hope we don’t have any more #SilentTreatment anytime soon.

The second reward challenge involved a lot of balance, concentration, and me chuckling like a 12 year old when Jeff kept talking about balls and wood. There really wasn’t much to say about the actual challenge, but the reward was interesting. Natalie wins, and she choose Jon and Jaclyn to join her. This made tons of sense to me. Those three were the last three left in the challenge, and Missy and Baylor participated in the last challenge. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to take this one? Missy and Baylor get all butthurt about it because their weird “Spaghetti in bed” reward was happening in camp. That’s a weird reward, by the way. I like spaghetti, and I like beds, but why do they need to be combined? Could they eat their spaghetti out of bed? These are the things that concern me…

Anyway, right when everybody was talking about a possible blindside of Jon, he goes and wins Immunity and messes it up for everybody. This sends Baylor and Natalie on a strategizing spree, and Alec on a flirting spree! It really just came down to whether it was Alec or Keith. This wasn’t the most exciting matchup, since we knew since the last episode that one of these two would most likely be going home anyway. Alec is unsurprisingly sent to the jury, and Keith probably won’t be far behind unless something crazy happens.

Phew, well that’s it, everybody! What did you think of the episodes? How do you feel about having two episodes back-to-back? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Man, those paint-filled skulls in the first reward challenge ended up being a lot grosser than I thought they’d be!

– I really hope that #CreamCheese starts trending and really confuses all of the non-Survivor watchers out there.

– I love the symbolism that they always work into the editing of this show with the animals of the island. When Baylor and Natalie were scrambling around to find who to vote out, they show a crab writhing its arms around with its belly to the fire. They did it again when Natalie was sneaking around camp talking about making a big move, we see a giant snake slithering through the tree. Very cool stuff.