‘Castle’ Season 7 Review “Last Action Hero”


Last night’s episode of Castle featured a comical take on the action film ‘Expendables’ as Kate and Castle tried to solve the murder of Castle’s favorite 80’s star, Lance DeLorca. The episode – entitled Last Action Hero – was a nice break after last week’s intense episode Kill Switch where Esposito was taken hostage on a subway car.

Following the murder of DeLorca, Castle dreams up a possible theory where his hero’s “shadowy past” has caught up with him. The Captain actually agrees that Castle could be on to something. Its all down hill from there! Castle teams up with a bunch of his hero’s action buddies in the hopes of solving the mystery. Kate is, as always, very patient about Castle’s fan boy issues. Watching him rock a bandanna was great as well as the cheesy catchphrases Ryan was trying to come up with throughout the hour.

On the hunt for the killer the gang discovers that DeLorca was married and had asked his soon to be ex-wife for a large amount of cash. Castle also finds out that his hero was never an operative after all, but a goat herder. After a hilarious heist, the crew discover the involvement of a drug king and a long hidden secret of paternity. Another case successfully solved.

Meanwhile, the episode wraps as Kate say her final goodbyes to her apartment. In one of the best scenes of the night, Kate carves her initials into a wall before soaking up one last moment in the place Lanie reminds her has plenty of great memories. It was the perfect way to end a warm and funny night.

Next week ‘Castle’ will air its winter finale entitled Bad Santa. What did you think of Last Action Hero? Leave your thought below.