Once Upon a Time Season 4 Review “Fall”


In this week’s Once Upon a Time, Storybrooke is in chaos as the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight approaches the town. Once the purple, billowy cloud hits, everyone will be controlled by his or her worst instincts. Despite their best efforts, Emma, her parents, and Regina can’t stop the curse, so they brace for impact.

This episode was an improvement over last week’s primarily because we saw a lot less of the Snow Queen. Again, when the show sticks to its core group of characters, it does a lot better. Thankfully, Anna and Elsa were reunited, which finally ties up that storyline. It was a cute reunion between the sisters on the beach. It will be interesting to see how the Snow Queen deals with the return of her niece. I say that in an effort to be optimistic, because I have little faith at this point that any Snow Queen interactions are going to be good.

There were lots of moments throughout the episode that showed what a great cast the show has. It’s a reminder that their talents are often under used. I loved the moment at the very end when Snow and Charming go from holding hands to giving each other death stairs. Who would have thought Snow could look so scary? I also liked that Regina tries to protect Robin Hood from her. He’s going to get a nasty reminder next week about what the Evil Queen was really like. Their goodbye was sweet and reinforces that these two need to end up together.

Emma’s goodbye with Hook was equally adorable. For a second, I thought Emma might tell him that she loves him. It would have been awesome, but maybe too soon. She’ll get there. I just hope that she doesn’t rush to judge him when she finds out about his use of the Sorcerer’s hat for Gold. After they kissed, Emma could tell something was different about him, but she was understandably a little distracted. I have a feeling that in the end, everyone that has been sucked into the hat can be shaken out of it. So, there will probably be no real harm done.

Gold has been showing his true colors these past couple episodes, and any hope that he has been reformed should be gone. He’s going so dark that it’s going to be hard to feel sorry for him when Belle finds out and dumps him. I get that he wants to be free from the Dark One’s knife, but is it really such a burden? If he has the knife with him, it shouldn’t matter all that much that he’s tethered to it. I can see a greater sense of urgency if someone else had taken the knife.

It looks like next week things are going to get a little crazy. It will be fun to have evil Regina back, especially since her evilness will not be permanent. One thing I wish would not return is the Evil Queen flashbacks where she has that horrible high ponytail. Maleficent is also scheduled to make an appearance, so that should be interesting.