The Tree That Saved Christmas (UP) Starring Lacey Chabert [TV MOVIE]

The Tree That Saved Christmas UP 03
The upcoming TV Movie The Tree That Saved Christmas premieres Sunday, November 30 at 7pm ET on
UP and stars Lacey Chabert and Corey Sevier.

The Tree That Saved Christmas Synopsis: Lacey Chabert plays imaginative, hard-working Molly Logan, who grew up on her family’s generations-old Christmas tree farm in rural Vermont and would often write stories about individual trees as they shipped out, her favorite being a “Charlie Brown” tree struggling to grow.
Now 29, Molly is living in Manhattan pursuing her writing career at a publishing house. She’s devastated to learn from her architect brother Ryan that the bank is foreclosing on her parents’ tree farm. This will be her family’s last Christmas there.
Molly embarks on a plan to save the family farm – with some surprising, inventive help from her brother and former boyfriend/banker Lucas (Corey Sevier, “Cedar Cove”).

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