Revenge Season 4 Review “Intel”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 Contact (10)

Some weeks, Revenge has a tendency to tread water; “Intel” was exactly this sort of episode. In of itself, there was nothing outright bad or offensive in this hour of television, but the lack of any new information or insight made it the sort of episode that wouldn’t have to exist in a shorter or better-plotted season.

Emily is going to some new, dark places this season, her desire to continue doling out vengeance reinvigorated by the return of her father. Learning that he’s been alive has really done a number on her. I mean, she clearly had those torture tools ready to go, but to see her chasing a lead so violently, all to stay connected to her father, was unnerving. It continues to raise the question of whether or not there can ever even be a happy ending for Emily at this point.

Of course, all of this came from a few scenes early in the episode. A lot of her time this week was taken up by Hunter, who she agreed to go on a date with just to pump him for information. At the very least, he was smart enough to catch on, but this whole shtick is exactly what she did in the past with Daniel and countless others. Speaking of Daniel, we got another scene of him confronting and taking jabs at Emily. Don’t get me wrong, I continue to find these scenes amusing, but they don’t bring anything new to the narrative.

And a lot of the episode was like this, with characters going through the same old motions or recreating past storylines. You had Daniel telling his mother he wanted nothing to do with her, Victoria putting on the “woe-is-me” act to justify her actions, flashbacks to David and Victoria happy together; variations on familiar scenes that offered nothing new.

A lot of what was new centered on the still-befuddling Louise, a character who has yet to offer any concrete connection to the larger plot. I suppose it’s possible she’s somehow related or connected to David’s mystery antagonist, but that doesn’t mean much when all she was used for here was to put Nolan through a weird crisis of conscience. We also got some new info at the end of the hour, but of course we did; Margaux’s pregnancy and the reveal about Jack’s new fling are meant as cliffhangers, so we get very little info about either here; we’ll have to come back next week to find out more.

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