Resurrection Season 2 Review “Forsaken”

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 7 Miracles (1)

On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” the anti-returned fervor reached new heights as the so-called “True Living” group decided to up the ante on their actions against them, even after the Sheriff and Bellamy warned them to watch themselves. Not to mention the fact that Bellamy finally admitted that he was one of said returned to everyone within earshot.

That was enough to make some of the group rethink their actions- but not all. Despite a head’s-up from an erstwhile member that the church was going to be the site of their next “protest,” the attack went forward, turning out to seemingly just be the actions of one man- Deputy Carl. So much for the cops helping to quash the threat when they are the threat!

Carl casually tossed some tear gas into the church, causing Bellamy to have to evacuate the returned there, many of whom had to resort to staying there after their host families, related or otherwise, unceremoniously dumped them there, in fear of what the “True Living” group might do next. This just made the group’s job easier, as it put a host of them in one place, making it that much easier to strike out against them in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the returned that ended up getting seriously hurt- if not killed- it was poor Pastor Tom, who had the bad luck to get hit by Carl’s vehicle when he was making his getaway.

As if that weren’t enough for Tom to have to deal with, he also had a rogue wife on his hands as well. After Maggie got the idea that Rachael’s baby might have played a critical part in healing her from the virus that had infected the returned recently, she asked Rachael if she could take some amniotic fluid from her and use that to try and treat Ray, the first of the non-returned population to be infected by the virus.

No word on whether or not it worked, but it did succeed in freaking out Janine, Tom’s wife, who has gotten a little too attached to the baby in question, and promptly absconded with both the mother and child, falsely telling her that Tom wanted to meet them at her sister’s. Indeed, it was there Tom was headed when he was plowed into by Carl.

Meanwhile, after Margaret realized that Addison’s grandfather was William Kirk, one of the victims of the fire that claimed a host of factory workers back in the day at the Langston’s company, she successfully managed to do some damage control and pull Henry out of the deal. Only Henry wasn’t taking no for an answer and went to Addison to talk him back into signing on.

This, in turn, led to Kirk intervening when he realized what his grandson had done, and insisting that the deal be back on. It almost didn’t go through anyway, as Addison’s participation just wasn’t quite enough to seal the deal with the bank. But then Henry made the extremely unwise move of putting up his house as collateral and the deal was done, for better- or likely for worse.

That was about it, save some house cleaning between Maggie and Lucille, both of whom apologized for the harsh words exchanged previously- Lucille at the ill-fated dinner a few weeks back in regards to Maggie’s mother; and Maggie in return to Lucille for said words. This episode itself was a bit of house cleaning, in terms of setting up what I believe is the winter finale of the show- and possibly the finale altogether, though I’m hoping that ABC will allow the show to at least do a few episodes more, or possibly a two-hour finale or the like, in order to give them a chance to properly wrap things up.

I know that the show-runners have a firm idea of how they wanted to end things, so it would be a shame if they didn’t get that chance because of ABC’s abrupt decision to end the season prematurely. (It was originally given a full-season order before ABC backed out because the ratings faltered on the front end.) Fingers crossed!

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Is Pastor Tom dead? If so, will he also “return”? Will Rachael get away from Janine? What will the “True Living” group do next- or at least Carl, if he’s all that remains? Will Bellamy call on the government contingent for help again? What will Margaret do when she discovers what Henry did? What is Kirk up to? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!