The Mentalist Season 7: What To Expect

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After waiting months for the return of The Mentalist, CBS will start airing the final season of the series, which comprises 13 episodes, tonight Sunday, November 30th. This will be the final journey for Patrick Jane and co. But before The Mentalist closes its doors, creator and executive producer Bruno Heller, along with series stars Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon) took part in a conference call to talk about what we can expect from these final episodes.

Here are some of the highlights from the call.

Words from Bruno Heller

In his opening remarks, Heller shared that while it is hard to wrap up a show after all these years, they are happy that they are able to finish it on their terms. He explained that this season will be about “what happens when life turns out the way you hoped it would.” What happens when you do have a happy ending and what happens after that. He continued that Jane and Lisbon have been on an epic journey for years and how do you create a different relationship when your relationship was created out of a trauma. He concluded by saying that this final season is “an encore, last hurrah for show” and that they wanted to give the fans as strong of an ending as they could.

Heller also concluded the call by saying that he hopes everyone likes the final season because they made it with love and respect for everyone who has been watching them.

Jane and Lisbon

Heller explained that one of the recurring questions the characters will face this season is what is Jane ready to give Lisbon. He shared that the season is very much about the redirection of the relationship that was based on a shared desire to hunt down Red John. He added that they have to find out “how they can live together and what will they will live with their lives?”

Later in the call, Heller explained that the relationship between Jane and Lisbon is a love story “but it’s not a very conventional love story, it’s a love story that is consonant with the relationship they’ve had.” He added that their relationship is “a very Jane Austen type of romance.”

Baker added that the relationship between the two is “relatively organic and natural and quite easy.” They won’t be exploring the obvious side of having a relationship in workplace, but more the pitfalls of when you know someone so well and you decided to have a relationship. He also shared that him and Tunney feel comfortable with each other in a way that is somewhat intimate.

Tunney also explained that what she finds interesting about the relationship is that these are two people who don’t know how to be in a relationship and who have been very alone. She added that up until he caught Red John, it was the reason for Jane to be around, but now they are going to explore his reasons for staying.

The Plan

When asked if he had planned for the characters to end together, Heller explained that when the characters first came together Simon Baker and Robin Tunney were strangers, but as time goes by genuine love and friendship and understanding developed and just as real life what seemed like not possible at the time, seems possible because there is real basis there. He added that if the two actors grew to despise each other then it would have never occurred to have them be together in the show.

Happy Lisbon

When asked whether the character feels different because she is in a better mood, Tunney shared that it is a bit of a relief and easier to feel lighter especially when the stakes aren’t so high anymore and you can smile. She explained that the idea of falling in love and feeling accepted makes Lisbon’s approach to work different. The character has permission to do this now. She added that there are different things she gets to play and that it’s lots of fun for her.

What To Expect This Season

When asked about what we can expect this season, Heller said that what they wanted to do is give the audience “classic Mentalist episodes, old school puzzle, old school Jane being clever…” However, there will be kind of lightness to the show and characters, because they’re not chasing Red John anymore. He also shared that they will be going all over America for the rest of the season. We will also meet a new character, Vega, who will be involved in some sort romance.

Tunney also shared that Abbott will be involved in pretty big scandal and that we would get to know who he is, meet his wife and find out more about his personal life. Wiley will also get a lot more to do this season.

The Finale

When asked about the finale, Heller shared a quote he had recently heard: “Life is not serious enough to be tragedy and too serious to be comedy.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and watch to find out how it all comes together in the end.

Don’t miss the final season of The Mentalist which premieres tonight, Sunday November 30th, at at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT/9 PT on CBS. Also check out Americ’s advance review for the first 3 episodes of the final season.