CSI Season 15 Review “Rubbery Homicide”

CSI 1508 Rubbery Homicide 07

On the latest episode of “CSI,” the show churned out one of its trademark wild and weird cases that helped make it a must-see show back in the day. Not sure how many people are still watching after fifteen years (!), but this was certainly one for the time capsule, in the pun-tastically titled “Rubbery Homicide.” (See what they did there?)

It all started with what appeared to be a lovely lady walking down the street, garnering looks from everyone she met- but were they the good kind? Not so much, as “she” ended up stabbed to death in an alleyway later on. Also, she was a guy dressed in a latex female body suit. Say it with me now: eew! (Or not, if you’re into such things, in which case: to each their own!)

So, this episode delved into the creeper-ific world of human dolls, a subculture revolving around guys who like to dress up in latex suits meant to emulate the female face and form, but in no way resembling anything remotely realistic, IMHO. I mean, maybe by blow-up doll standards the suits were fairly impressive, and reasonably approaching what they were going for, but if you saw one of these things on the street for real, your reaction would likely be not too far removed from, well, the reactions we saw in the opening of the episode. Unless, of course, like I said, this kind of thing is your bag.

Honestly, for me, it was pure nightmare fuel, none so much as when Greg and DB braved a club populated by people that were into such things- “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” indeed. Ick. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I guess- whatever floats your boat, I suppose- but I’m going to have to take a pass on this particular fetish. I mean, I thought the furry thing was freak city, but this subculture gave that a run for its money, to be sure.

The murder, as expected, came about from someone who also didn’t approve, albeit much more strenuously than myself, obviously. I don’t deny the right of people to do what they want, so long as it’s not hurting anyone, and this wasn’t harming anyone, save my getting a good night’s sleep. In this case, the injured party- or should I say parties?- was the Brock family, whose former matriarch was one Charlene, a late model who served conversely as the model for the doll costume the deceased was wearing at the time of his death.

This did not go over so well with said family, all for different reasons. Stan, the father, and former husband of Charlene, objected because the outfit in question was his own, one he had commissioned after her death as a sort of tribute to his late wife. He was, in fact, the one who prominently wore said outfit, which certainly got the attention of the “Dollhouse” crowd, stealing the thunder of one Lexy, the former belle of the ball, and also the typical alter ego of the deceased. So, Lexy followed Charlene home, broke in, stole the costume and went out to the club as if he were Charlene, reveling in her glory for himself.

Alas, this steal-and-switch cost him his life, as someone mistook him for the “real” Charlene and stabbed him to death. A print on the weapon in question- a nail file- led to another Brock, son Jonah, my pick for most likely to murder. He had a lovely alibi of the real female variety, and the video to prove it, which means aberrant behavior must run in the family.

Next stop was daughter April, who it turned out, had a long-standing hatred of her mother and the way she treated her and her father. As such, when Charlene died, she thought the nightmare was over, only to discover it had only begun when she discovered her father’s dubious habits with faux Charlene. So, she killed him- or rather, who she thought was him- only to find that she’d killed the wrong person by mistake. Whoops!

Honestly, even creepier than all of this insanity was her father’s reaction to finding out what his daughter had done, i.e. try to kill him. Instead of being horrified, he was bemused, saying she reminded him of his late wife! And not in an alarmed or judging way- in an admiring one. Yep, this is one messed up family. Chalk this one up for the “CSI” greatest hits and file it under “most bizarre.” Meanwhile, I’ll do my best not to dream about it tonight. Ugh.

What did you think of “CSI” this week? Were you also freaked out by the insane outfits? Or did you find them strangely alluring? Did you guess who did it? Did you feel bad for the daughter? Or the son, for that matter? What did you make of the club the “dolls” frequented? Sound off below and I’ll see you next week!