Haven Season 5 Review “Chemistry”

Haven - Season 5

This week’s Haven was filled with some incredible twists and turns. Duke’s family curse has evolved into a whole other animal, we got more information on Audrey’s origins, Dwight got some Dr. Charlotte Cross action, and we started to inch towards a Nathan/Duke reconciliation.

One of the things I loved about last season and the beginning of this season was the friendship between Nathan and Duke. Since taking care of Mara, Duke has completely lost himself and his connection with Nathan and Audrey. Nathan learned this the hard way after Duke knocked him out with a wrench to the head. Duke is just lucky that Audrey was able to bring Nathan around; otherwise it would’ve been back to the Crocker/Wuornos war. It almost felt like Audrey was pushing them back together because she won’t be around much longer and they will need each other.

Audrey’s health continues to deteriorate on the “cellular” level. I still think this is hokey. Charlotte plays the part of concerned doctor, but she clearly cannot be trusted. This is proven when Vince sneaks into her office and finds the folder with clippings of Audrey’s former selves. Everything can be easily explained, though, until Vince and Audrey find a ring in Charlotte’s car. It’s the same ring that Audrey has.

Did anyone else see this super huge twist coming? It never occurred to me that Charlotte would be the mother of Mara/Audrey. Then again, why should it considering they look to be about the same age? But, when dealing with the supernatural, anything can be explained away. Does this mean that Mara was some kind of rebellious witchy teenager who ran off with her boyfriend to cause trouble (or Troubles)? There are still a lot of questions to which I need answers. I only hope we get some before the end of the season.

Another disturbing development is that Duke can now give people Troubles. Mara pushes him over the edge after tricking him. She’s now got the ether and it’s obvious she played Duke. Again, she put a pencil in a woman’s eye in order to steal her clothes. How could Duke not see it coming that she would turn on him? I’m curious, though, how long it will take Mara to use the ether. I would think she would want to use it right away in order to get William back. I didn’t really understand the purpose of sending the toe to Duke. She could’ve called and told him that she played him without sending a chunk of herself.

What I kept wondering throughout the episode is where are Agent Howard’s people? The ones who trapped Mara in the barn in the first place? Why aren’t they back in Haven and trying to control the problem again? At this point, it feels like The Guard has reached the end of its utility. They seem to be a rag tag group of people with tattoos and no real structure or agenda.

Next week, it looks like we’re finally going to get the Audrey/Mara confrontation. It’s a little unfair since Audrey is sickly. I don’t see how she’ll be able to stand up to her evil twin. I hope she gets at least one decent punch in.