‘Grimm’ Season 4 Review “Highway of Tears”

Grimm - Season 4

Nick finally got his powers back in last night’s episode of Grimm. After Elizabeth stirred up the magic potion, Juliette inhaled the essence through the tip of a witch’s hat. Within minutes she morphed into Adalind, the results were eerie and felt by everyone on the room. Truble, Monroe, and Rosalee quickly left so that Nick and Juliette/Adalind could do the deed to seal the deal.

The whole situation was comical with Monroe and Rosalee back at their house, drinking beers, giddy with excitement, as Truble looked on quietly. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliette/Adalind eased into the act after Nick said that he was going to close his eyes the whole time. Juliette seemed to have come to terms with the whole situation and wanted to make the best out of it.

The next day Truble, Monroe, and Rosalee ventured back over to Nick and Juliette’s to find out if the magical process had worked. Unfortunately, after Monroe showed his woge Nick wasn’t seeing anything. For a second, it looked like the show runners might lead us on another week.

Luckily, Nick turned back into a Grimm, but at the most unfortunate time. While working a case involving Phansigars – wizard looking Wesens – Nick began feeling the effects, making him unable to protect himself while Hank was in the middle of danger. Within minutes however, Nick was back to himself and ready to take control of the three junkyard lizards who were trying to use Chavez during one of their sacrifices. It was great watching Nick take charge of the lizards, getting everyone to safety.

After the trio get back to the Spice Shop, Nick sees Josh and Truble warns of trouble. We also get tipped off that Juliette could be pregnant! What did you think of the latest episode of Grimm? Are you happy that Nick has his powers back?