Constantine Season 1 Review “Rage of Caliban”

CONSTANTINE -- "The Rage of Caliban" Episode 102

It’s a shame that a TV show’s fate can be determined off the reaction to just an episode or two these days. Though Constantine hasn’t been cancelled yet, the way the numbers continue to dwindle, to the point that NBC has decided against extending the first season, is indicative of a larger audience that gave up on the show after the pilot. It’s a shame, as the show has quickly improved, becoming a much more enjoyable show in the span of six episodes.

And that’s not to say that “Rage of Caliban” is the best episode the show has given us; a lot of the show’s usually problems are still on display here. However, the central storyline this week was a lot of fun, dropping our hero into a very Omen-like situation, with Constantine facing a demon that possesses children and murders their parents.

Was it super original? Not in and of itself, no, but it allowed us to see a bit more of what makes Constantine tick, giving us hints of his own troubled childhood and continuing guilt. It also helped that the guest cast was again solid this week, with a particular geek out happening for me when I saw Eureka cast member Niall Matter as Henry’s father.

The show’s biggest problem continues to be developing the supporting cast. It’s an issue that’s been easy to overlook because Matt Ryan’s Constantine is so engaging, but it really stood out this week. Manny continues hit the same beats over and over in his brief appearances, and Chas’ role as the strong, silent type keeps him from developing much of a personality. Heck, we didn’t even see Zed this week, nor did we get any sort of mention of what she’s up to. It feels like the producers are still trying to get a handle on what Constantine’s team is supposed to be, and with viewer count still dwindling, they need to get a handle on it quick.

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